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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here i am finally getting a chance to write my Christmas post. I did not mean to make that first sentence or few words sound all complaining and all because i'm not.

What can i say about Christmas ???

It was The Best Christmas of my life (At least my adult life). There is a reason for that. That reason being because it was mine & bryan's very first christmas together.
As many of you may know Bryan & I started talking online via a free communication weekend on eharmony.com back in May. Then we started talking on email, phone every day several times a day. He came up to meet me in person & visit the first weekend of August and stayed for a week. He came & arrived on the 6th and he proposed on the 9th of August.
We knew/know this is right & our relationship is called of God. We just "clicked" & "Hit it off". We have been spending the past 4 months plus getting to know eachother and getting used to eachother. I find myself falling in love with him more every day. And i know how much he loves me & knows it's true and that he is sincere.

I still get "goose bumps" & "Chills" when he put's his arms on my shoulder or around me and holds me, kisses me, and tells & expresses his love for me.

Anyhow back to Christmas....

This is our very first Christmas together & It was such a memorable & Special day.

We spent the morning here at home with our family. His mom, brother, and Bryan & I. Opened gifts & then got ready to go spend the rest of the day & evening with other family. We were invited over to his Aunt & Uncle's home where we got together with more friends & family. Had such yummy food (Ham & Finger foods)., So much food & fun. After awhile Bryan's mom & i went to pick up Shane (Bryan's nephew). Shane is Bryan's brother Greg's son. He will be with us for the week till the 2nd.
We came back to Bryan's uncle's house opened more gifts, visited, and just spent time with friends & family. His family is so very nice. They were/ and are so generous to Bryan and i. And myself. They made me feel so welcome and are so hospitable. Very thoughtful & sweet of them to include me in the family gift exchange(S).

When we came home we watched Shane open his Christmas Gifts from all of us here at the house.

I do not have pictures yet i have to get them developed. I will try to add some after i get them back.

I Love Bryan so much and his family. Extended family included. They already in so many ways and the ways that count are already in my family. Don't know what i would do without them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas is Sunday... I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!!

With Christmas right around the corner. Thought i would share this fun post with
you all. ENJOY!!


10. Save it until next summer and use it as a boat anchor.
9. Take it to the office and use it for a paper weight.
8. Keep it at home and use it for a doorstop.
7. Use it as a Step stool in your kitchen.
6. Let the little kids use it as a booster seat.
5. Save it for summer and use it for a flower press.
4. Carry it in your trunk to use in emergencies for a tire block.
3. Put it in your workshop and use it for a Anvil.
2. Save it until next year and use it as a Yule log.
1. Save it until next year and give it back to the person who gave
it to you.

Friends don't let friends give Fruitcake

(seen on a bumper sticker)


Sunday, December 11, 2011


With Christmas in 2 weeks from today. Bryan & I thought it was about time
that we went Christmas shopping. At least get a start.

You know if i would have had a camera with me then i could have taken a picture
of the crowds and "madness" (well semi madness) at Walmart last night.
When we got there and while looking for a parking spot. We noticed a Flat Bed Tow truck down one of the aisles working to hook a car up to the truck and on the Flat Bed. At first i thought it was just a simple tow because someone's car wouldn't start or something. Walking by going into the store i looked over and saw that a car was wrecked and earlier there was some kind of accident.

Anyhow inside there were people it seemed just about everywhere. But, in the end it wasn't that bad.

We were there shopping and what we had decided to do is focus on Other's.

We focused on MY FAMILY!- Bryan is such a sweetheart and he loves my nieces Kayla & Ashlee and Awesome/Handsome nephew Dakota. And we got something for there two awesome parents. Jared & Lindsay. And we also got a gift(S) for my MOM & DAD.

and a few other things. Bryan needed to get some items for the car.

We made a couple of other stops on the way home. And stopped at WENDY'S to pick up dinner for the family.

We went to get GAS also - So it was convienent that there was a WENDY'S combined at the same location of the GAS STATION.

While we were driving and actually as we were driving to WENDY'S (yes i remembered the location where we were at when the following statement was made by Bryan).

"I'm Excited for Jared & Lindsay to recieve the gifts we are going to send. I think they will be happy to get it. I'm so glad that we are able to get and provide these gifts for them (the kids included)." "And to be able to help other people & children out since that's what Christmas is about." "I can get what i need and want anytime."

I of course agreed with him. I didn't say much since i was listening. But, while he was inside paying for the GAS and then walking over to the other side to WENDY'S to order the food. I was waiting for him outside and while waiting for him & standing at the gas pump. I got thinking and i had the thought in my mind that says "You know what ? i really am the lucky one & i am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. " "He is RIGHT!!! giving to other's and helping others have a wonderful christmas is what it's all about."

You know before i always thought "I HAD A CLUE!" of what really christmas and the true meaning of christmas was. And in reality I DID! but, last night's experience and comments just testified to me again & reaffirmed to me what the true meaning of Christmas is.

I Love BRYAN SO VERY MUCH!!! and i look forward to and hope and pray we over the years continue to grow stronger and stronger in our relationship and love for eachother.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Last night (well yesterday afternoon around 3:45 PM) We took a trip to the ER.
Bryan had been really sick in recent weeks and every time he always had been able to get better or seem to get better. Better enough to go to work and function normally to a certain extent.

He was supposed to go to Work Sunday. Because of the busy holiday season coming up and the nature of his work with him working in a warehouse in shipping & recieving. He didn't make it to work Sunday because he was sick. But, did go to work Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday morning he woke up and he was coughing & hacking (in fact that is what woke me up & usually wakes me up). That occurs because he has had sinus problems & infections for years. Anyhow he was coughing & hacking, he was real dizzy, his head was spinning really bad. To Add to it he had a new symptom which was He couldn't walk straight & he would be real off balance.

He was just out of it. So we are thinking he will just rest today and be back to work today. As the day progressed he wasn't getting any better. In fact one of the times i went to check on him to see how he was doing. He mentioned and i also suggested he go to the doctor. He without my knowledge sometime called his primary doctor.

She couldn't get him in till later today.
He realized yesterday afternoon that something just wasn't right.

He asked his dear sweet Mother to take us up to the Hospital & ER. She knew he was sick but, didn't realize it was that bad. And either did i till i heard and saw his condition and that he couldn't keep his balance and couldn't walk straight.

His Equilbrilliam was way off.

We went to the ER & as he was checking in. He was filling out the registration form & he couldn't fill that out completely on his own. Because then he couldn't write correctly.

So we went through triage, then they called him back to be seen & treated. He had to have a CT Scan and it took about a hour to get the results back.

I am so very greatful to have been there with him & to serve him & administer to him in some way. Although at the same time i felt very helpless. As i wish i could have did more for him.

I sat there and waited for him to come back from the CT SCAN. And while waiting for the results he was just relaxing, i was there with him., I had some catalogs and my note pad with me just to pass the time like my Avon catalogs, Scentsy and all that. But, when i was done with that i was there just to be with him. And then i got thinking and i guess i think to much because as i was sitting there thinking. I got teary eyed & started crying and was sad.

Because the man i love was in the hospital. And not just the hospital but, The ER. And we didn't know for sure yet what was wrong. Bryan thought he had did something or said something wrong. He asked me what was wrong and usually when i am all teary eyed alot of times i can't talk. So i just nodded my head and in between tears i said it's nothing- don't worry about it.

He asked if i was worried about anything? i started to say that i was worried about him. But, then i couldn't because i was crying. I was just holding on to his hand & him.

I love him so much and i was worried about him and i have to admit scared. Because i love him so much and never want to live without him or be without him.

Even when he is sick and in the hospital he still is able to calm me down and he also told me that he loves me.

The diagnosis came back and he has Labrynthitis which is also known as Vertigo. What that is - is a inner ear infection and it all connects to your sinuses. And is real nasty. It takes 3-5 days to clear up. He will be home till at least Monday. He can't work or drive.

His Sweet MOM and his Brother Greg arrived back at the hospital. And after i heard the diagnosis and we were waiting to be discharged. I called Lindsay my sister in law to give her a update. And i was just outside the exam room and looked up and saw his mom and brother. His mom went into see him & talk to him.

So then we left & went to CVS to fill his prescriptions. I went to Kroger with his mom and brother to get a couple of things. Then we came back to CVS so i can be and check on Bryan. His mom dropped me off and she and greg went to do a couple more errands.

I found bryan and we were waiting in line to get his prescriptions. And he was still nauseous, and off balance and he started to fall back a couple - few times. I caught him and pulled him back up. And asked him to just hold on to me.

After that we came home. Had a little something to eat. And shortly after went to sleep. He is still asleep.

Bryan and i are so greatful for all the prayers being offered on our behalf. And the phone calls, texts to check on bryan and prayers offered in Bryan's behalf. Your prayers are appreciated.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Last night i had a variety of weird dreams. I say weird because they just kind of ran together. Although at the same time they were in some way "related".

I had a dream that i was in Southern California where my Dad & Aunt Heather was raised. My Grandfather Richhart passed away April 1991. So it's been about 20 years or so. My Grandma passed away when i was like 3 or 4 yrs old. Anyhow my grandpa had a real nice house, kept it nice. And the same with his vehicles.

Anyhow i was in Southern California and i can't remember if Bryan was with me. But, i went to my grandparent's house to visit. And i was debating whether i was going to ask if i could go inside and look around. I really wanted to. Anyhow the next thing i know i hear that the owners who bought the house from our family. Had really made it extra nice and did some remodeling and turned it into a Museum. After hearing that i just had to go inside. I go inside & Grandpa's chair was right where it was always at, the TV was on (like he had never left), and to the side of me my tour guide was my Grandmother. It was like they were both there * Grandma & Grandpa and they had never left them. That brought me to tears.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paying It forward....

Have to share a experience that happened to my mom today at Walmart... I have her permission to share this hehehe- Anyhow she went to Walmart to get some last minutes items for Thanksgiving. She was in line waiting to pay for her stuff. Her items & her debit card was ran and declined. It was tried several times. Declined. So she simply walked away to leave and went to her car. She got to the car and turned around and there was this boy behind her saying "my mom is going to pay for your stuff". Mom said to him "Are you sure? then said "where's your mom" he said "she's in the store- follow me". She got back in the store and the lady had finished paying for my mom's stuff and her stuff. My mom said to the lady "Are you sure? and thank you!" and got back to her car and cried. Nothing like paying it forward! Happy Thanksgiving!

I also Just want to give a THANK YOU! to the "Angel!" and real sweet lady who helped and took care of my mother today. You will never know how much that means to me. God Bless you! I am so thankful for this lady & and for the blessings of paying it forward.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey Everyone,

I am trying to earn hostess credit, free product, and earn my consultant kit to become a SCENTSY consultant. And I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP to achieve that. I am having a Online Scentsy Catalog Party. You can order from my party and i will get credit by you visiting www.scentsy.us/janab and on the left hand side under where it says My Open Parties you will find my name and a tab next to my name that says "Shop/buy from party."

Your help and support is appreciated.

What I am Greatful for...

Thanksgiving is coming soon. And i would feel completely selfish & ungreatful if i did not share & express all I am greatful for.

May your Thanksgiving find you and yours Well, Healthy, and Happy & Safe and also
find you reflecting what you are greatful for.


*A Warm home & Bed to sleep in
*Family & Friends who adore, cherish, & Love me
*A Fiance who takes care of me
*A Fiance who loves, cherishes, & adores me and whom will
do anything for me & is always there for me.

*A wonderful soon to be Mother in law - who loves & accepts me for me.
*My wonderful & new soon to be family.
*Freedom's I enjoy everyday
*My Awesome Brother & Sister in law and 2 beautiful nieces and handsome nephew. - who i love and adore. they are always there for me
* My Parents
* The Fact that on Thanksgiving - The whole family will be home & we will be eating together as a Family (That hasn't happened for at least several weeks - because of work & busy schedules)& Spending the day together.

* Another Cool Nephew who we only see every other weekend but, when he's here he always is wanting to spend time with me, wants to hang out with me, and talk to me (It's the simple things in life that makes life great).

* The Yummy Pizza i just had for dinner tonight.
* The Beautiful Christmas music that is playing non stop on the radio & internet
* Warm Clothes
* My Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner etc.
* Having hot & cold water to bathe or shower in
* Having a computer & internet access to be able to keep in contact with my friends and so i can do my blogging.
* My Shoes
* My Clothes

I am greatful for so much more.. And i can go on & on. But, i just want to reflect and take a moment to share what i am greatful for. And hope we all can reflect and give gratitude for what we are greatful for and be mindful of those less fortunate. And do something this holiday season for someone else. And pay it forward.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Halloween was low-key but, so much fun this year. It was mine & Bryan's first Halloween together. On Halloween night we went to a Halloween family fun fair/carnival put on by the church Bryan's mom goes to. They had candy, treats, nacho's, hotdogs etc. And so much fun.

After we came home we handed out candy to the trick or treater's, and then went on a walk with Dotsie (one of the dog's) I love that dog. Anyhow we went around the neighborhood and surrounding area's just to see the decorations & enjoy the evening.

So fun....

Monday, November 7, 2011


This last weekend was i would have to say one of the Best weekends of my life. At least my Adult life.

I was able to travel Friday night down to San Antonio with my Best Friend, Sweetheart, & Love of my life Bryan. To celebrate our 3 month anniversary (since we actually got together) Where has the last 3 months gone? our 3 month Anniversary was actually Saturday. And to also go see my brother, sister in law and adorable nieces and handsome nephew. They along with my Sister in law's whole family minus 3 members were in town for the Baptism of Kylie. The oldest Grandchild in my sister in laws family (the clayton family). So we were able to go see them, go to the baptism, and they all were able to meet My Sweetheart Bryan. And I am confident in saying that

It was really special because Bryan & I were able to just spend alot of time together alone. And also spend time with the family. Bryan & I were able to BOND! and that meant more to me than going out and doing "alot of things" I loved just being together. And then being with family & friends.

A weekend i will remember forever. Thanks Sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, November 4, 2011

What a Wonderful World....

This is a random post... But, I wanted to post one of my absolute favorite songs on here.

What a Wonderful World- Kenny G & Louis Armstrong...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You know your in love when.....

Hey Guys,

Sorry another "Bryan" post! i am so sorry! i just love this man so much...

Last night Bryan went to visit with a friend & co worker & his family after work. He sometimes gives this co-worker a ride home from work.
Last night was one of those nights.

So he calls me when he's on his way home. When i am talking to him he is at a rail road crossing waiting for a train to pass. Actually it's two trains.

While we are talking we come up with the idea of meeting up at Kroger. Originally the intent was just to kid around as we were talking about the long trains passing by.
I say "WOW, in the time your waiting for the trains i could have time to walk up to Kroger!" not thinking anything of it. He then says "we can meet up there if you want. Or i can come home and pick you up!" "I'm like really? i can meet you at Kroger."
So we have a "Date" at KROGER...

You know your in love when you walk at 8:30 - 9:00 PM in cold weather up to KROGER to meet your honey.

I meet up with Bryan. I didn't take my wallet. So i got there and realized i should have. So we come back to the house., i come inside and get my purse and we end up at Shell next to KROGER to get gas and a treat. And then come home.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

How i feel about Bryan....

The video off of Youtube i am about to post. Expresses perfectly how i feel and my feelings for my Honey & Sweetheart and Love of my Life Bryan.

I know you all by now maybe getting tired of my "mushy- gushy" kind of posts and me talking about Bryan. Please accept my apologies.


I Never Thought that i could love

* Dan Hill*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The inspiration of this post. And thanks goes to my awesome, loving & best sister in law ever Lindsay.

I was talking to her earlier today and telling her about my previous post

Titled "Why I love Bryan!"

Bryan & I got matched on EHARMONY.COM early June of this year (approximately).
He came up the first Friday in August to visit me and we spent a week together.
In that week we had so much fun & Spent so much time together. We also got engaged
that week. We feel completely in love with eachother.
And still are falling more and more in love with eachother every day. Our trials & struggles we go through makes us stronger. (Not struggles with the relationship- but, just trials & struggles in life).

What Bryan has taught me....

What Bryan has taught me

* Bryan has taught me & shown me that there is beauty in this world and on
this earth.
* Bryan has taught me that I'm beautiful & and a Angel.
* Bryan has taught me how important it is for me to always take care
of and pamper myself & to make myself pretty.

(I am always trying to do so- sometimes i get busy doing things and miss "a day or two" but, i always try to not let to much time go by).

* Bryan has taught me the love for outdoors. Most importantly about
the love of FISHING!! - he is so passionate about FISHING! - I'm so greatful to
have someone who teaches me that it's okay to try new things. (Fishing - as an example). I love & look forward to going fishing with him even when most of the time i am there watching him & there in a supportive capacity & in the capacity of Just being with him.

* I Love Bryan's FAITH!! - he is so optimistic & has so so much faith.
Most of the time i think he's the STRONGEST for the two of us. And "Carries us both"!

* Bryan has taught me that It's okay to LOVE & Be Loved.

- I am learning this trait. And although it's taking me alot of time. I appreciate how paitent he is with me & never gives up on me. Alot of times i do not feel i deserve him. (I do not say that in a negative way. I only mean that i can never really measure up to the kind of person he is).

* Bryan has taught me the importance of communicating with eachother always & always being honest with eachother. To better enhance our relationship & make it stronger.

* Bryan has taught me the trait of appreciation of others & especially one another. By showing it in what you do & expressing it.

* Bryan has taught me to be more open minded and through his example how not to JUDGE other's or other's circumstances.

- I have always thought before i met Bryan that i was pretty open minded & not Judgemental. But, i realize i wasn't as good as i thought i was.-
I am more open minded & not judgemental (At least trying now). Thanks Honey!

That's all for now... Don't want to bore any of you.
As i think of more i will come back and add to this post. "Stay Tuned!"

*Bryan has taught me how to be responsible.

- Before Bryan & I met i always thought i was well- RESPONSIBLE!! however now that i think about it & look back i realize that despite how hard i would try... I would always come up short & i haven't been that responsible in things. Especially when it comes to MONEY matters. Don't get me wrong i always paid my bills- did the best i can. But, alot or most times would fall short.

But, he teaches & encourages me to be more responsible.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last night i made dinner for the first time for the family. And first time since i have lived in Texas. I got a Awesome recipie from one of my Richhart Cousin's Diana.
For Taco's - and you say Taco's? it's not Hard. It's not just any regular Taco's it's a family recipie for SUPER YUMMY TACO'S. I think they turned out well. And i was so Excited to be able to cook for my soon to be family. Everyone loved it! I did miss a couple of things. awww well maybe next time. I didn't forget any of the ingredients for the taco's. Just like some sides to go along with it.

However when i was shopping yesterday i did get a "big" package of corn tortilla's. Which we have a ton left over and can use maybe for tortilla soup.

I want to share this recipie with all of you!!!


Fry your own Corn Tortilla's

or use Flour Tortilla's

Hamburger cooked with an onion with some salt and pepper. Drain the oil.

Shreaded Cheese

Shreaded Lettuce

Diced Tomatoes

Sauce: 2 8oz. cans Hunts Tomato Sauce, diced onion, 1 tsp. Chili Powder, 2 bay leaves. Simmer on low for 1 hour.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love Bryan so much. He means the world to me. I suppose i could probably go
on and on why and how i love him. I hope i do not bore you by listing the reasons.

1. He makes me Happy
2. He always expresses how much
he loves me & how important i am
3. When there is something on my mind - he can always tell
and he asks me "What's Wrong?" & even if i say "Oh nothing, it's not important".
he makes sure he let's me know how important and valuable my input and feelings are.
he reminds me of that by saying "Honey, yes it does matter... talk to me - let's talk about it".
4. He NEVER cuts me down or shuts me down
5. the "names" he addresses me by such as "Honey", "Sweetie" , "Sweetheart", "Sweetie- Pie", or "Baby"
6. Always makes sure i know how much he appreciates me & how much i'm appreciated
7. Always holds my hand
8. Always putting his arm around me & or holds me
9. Did i mention always telling me "I love you!" ??
10.When i am sad and especially when i cry... he is right there for me & to comfort me.
11. let's me know how much he needs me.
12. He's always encouraging me to be the best i can be
13. I make him HAPPY!!!
14. He's the happiest he's been in his life because of me - & has something to look forward and someone to look forward to come home to every day. (Sorry don't mean to sound concieded).

15. Tells me how proud of me he is ALWAYS
16. When something good happens and something exciting and happy- or even when
it's not "GOOD"! AND or I'M irritated, upset or something- he is the first person i call. (this one probably sounded lame) but, he is the first person i want to share things with.
17. A few expressions of his/ours that i like that he uses are
"You my love are beautiful", "Your my angel", "Your the best thing that has ever happened to me" and "I have been dreaming of you and waiting for you my whole life."

18. He tells me "When i look at you i see beauty & love"
19. I love how he looks at me and looks deep into my eyes and tells me he loves me & holds/puts his hands on my cheeks gives me a kiss.

If your still reading... and haven't got bored yet- YAY!!! Congratulations!!!

20.He is excited for the Holidays coming up especially Christmas this year. he says "I can't wait for Christmas this year & it being our first Christmas together."
21. We always try to pray together before he leaves for work
22. He always kisses me before he goes to work & when he comes home
23. He is so Gentle & Calm
24. He is so passionate in everything he does. He gives his ALL!
25. I love his Passion & Love for the Outdoors & Nature.
26. I'm so greatful for him & that he has taught me the love for fishing & the outdoors. I love you Honey!!!

27. He's very Loyal to Friends & Family.... Especially FAMILY!!
28. He Loves my Family (My Parents, Brother & His family including my sweet & adorable Nieces & Nephew).

29. He LOVES ME!!! SO MUCH!!!
30. He Loves Children
31. I Love how he calls me during the day & also sends me text messages during the
day showing & expressing his love for me.
32. He is so very protective of me and protects me
33. Lifts me up when i'm down (did i already mention that?)
34. He's STRONG (I think STRONG for the both of us).
35. "He's My "ROCK" and "Strength"
36. He can always make me laugh & Smile
37. We have laughed together & cried together - our struggles &
things we go through only make us stronger. (NOTE: when i wrote struggles it's NOT struggles with the relationship - just life struggles).

That's all for now... I do not want to bore you all. As i think of more i will add to this post/list. THANKS for reading!!!

**Well i am here - adding to this post - as when i finished i said i would add to it as i had thoughts come to my head.** So here i am again.. "So Enjoy The Ride!"

38. Gives the best massages
39. He is always telling me how & that he believes in me.
40. He always is telling me that I Deserve the best.


41. He says " I Love you more & more every day
42. He's my hero!!
43. He makes sure that when the opportunity presents itself that i am able
to see my family. He never wants to keep me away from my Family.
44. He's planning a nice road trip for the two of us for this weekend
down to San Antonio so we can see friends (my sister in law lindsay's family- and Jared & Lindsay and the kids) so Lindsay's family can meet him & we can go to the baptism of Kylie (my friend celeste's daughter & lindsay's niece). He says "Honey, this trip is for you-- & your trip!" - He loves me!!!

45. I always discover reasons every day of how much i love him & fall in love
with him more every day.

Monday, October 3, 2011


This below is the link to my cousin Colter's Obituary. He passed away Thursday. We will miss you Colter.

Memorial Obituaries Tolsma, Colter

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Finally Found Someone...

Yes I DID!!! I Finally found someone. Someone who i love with all my heart. One who i can't live without, who i need more everyday, and love more everyday and more. His name is Bryan Walls. Here is our song... it explains perfectly how i feel about him and how i know he feels about me. I Love you Sweetheart!!


Alot has happened in the last little while. Just a couple of "MAJOR EVENTS" in my life. One of which i will write about in a separate post if i haven't already.

But, the other one of course is i moved down to here to TEXAS a couple of weeks ago. It was time for me to start my own life and have a fresh start. I love my family and friends and parents. I will be back to UTAH to visit soon. But, as stated i felt it was time for me to broaden my horizons and leave the nest (home). Sorry i do not have alot of pictures or any really since i have been down here. Hope to fix that soon. I Love TEXAS although it's real humid and everything. I Love the state of texas and the area and i look forward to making friends down here, getting used to the area, and just enjoying life and everyone.


I Love my life right now and i am so blessed and greatful to my heavenly father for everything in my life right now that is right and good. Especially and more importantly for one person and his presence in my life. And for the person he is. That is my sweetheart and soon to be husband and my fiance Bryan. Bryan i know just loves me and loves me so much. He is very protective of me and is always looking out for me. He encourages me and makes me want to do better. Although he is not perfect and no one is. I always see and know and feel of his love for me. He tells me always and i do the same how much he loves me and how much i love him. He keeps me calm when i seem to get stressed or upset about something. One example of this was the other day on Saturday morning i can't even remember what happened or anything but, something upset me and made me sad and i started to cry. He heard that and he comes in and was right there seeing if i was okay and what was wrong. I of course wasn't and i tried to talk about it but, couldn't so i just leaned on him and cried and he comforted me and said if i wanted to talk about it i could and let me know how much he loves me. I am greatful for moments like that... that remind me again of how precious and beautiful and special i am.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Engagement Story

I Just wanted to write and let you all know that Last night i got engaged. And i am getting married.

Here is the story. We met on eharmony.com about 3-4 months ago. Have been talking everyday- several times a day since. He came up and drove up here from Texas (Dallas area) last friday afternoon. Arrived Saturday evening. We have been spending time together and fell in love. We were just having fun this whole week so far, and yesterday included. We went to The great salt lake and Saltair last night. We were walking in the water., The sun was setting and it was real beautiful. He got down on one knee and took me by my hand(S) and asked me to marry him. I said YES!! and i got me a ring today. Eventually i will get my wedding ring. We are so excited and happy! and i love all of you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just a reminder that i am doing a Tupperware online party. My friend Dede wright just recently signed up and i want to celebrate and support her business by having a party and recieving some orders. Please visit her website at

http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-​html/D/dedewright-welcome.html and when you find something you like please email me or message me your order and then i will email it to her and we will get you taken care of. She is sending in a order on the 8th of August which is Monday. So LET ME KNOW ASAP!!

Gardner Village Birthday Club

Just signed up for the birthday club at Gardner village/Archibalds. Wanted to share with you. Please go visit http://www.gardnervillage.com/ and click on Birthday club to sign up. Pass this on to all your friends and family.

Friday, July 29, 2011



Hey Friends and everyone... I am doing a Avon E-party with my avon rep. Danica Stewart. - I am trying to reach a goal of sales with this party of $1549 at least so i can get a basket and a 30% discount. to have your orders apply to my party you need to enter promo code - AUGUST11 at checkout and update and submit it. Otherwise it won't count towards my party. - http://youravon.com/danicastew​art

With the coupon/promo code if you follow the link listed above that will take you to the representive website and it should already have the promo and coupon code pre-filled in. However if it don't feel free to enter it in. Then click update before you click to go to the checkout page. You may want to enter it in and click update again on the final checkout page just to be safe and then hit submit. After doing so you will get a confirmation. And please email me or message me somehow or whatever letting me know you ordered and i will double check with my rep to make sure the sale got credited correctly and to my party.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey everyone...

My awesome and wonderful friend Dede Clayton Wright recently signed up as a Tupperware consultant.. and i am doing a eparty on her website or through her website. It goes till August 8th- if you would like to order on my party visit - http://my2.tupperware.com/tup-html/D/dedewright-welcome.html and or email me your orders and i will email them to her.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July fun...

My dad is in the Son's of American Revolution. And yesterday on the 4th of July we attended a Bell Ringing Ceremony. That the Son's of American revolution and color guard takes part in. We have speakers, and music and then at 2:00 PM Eastern Time (so 12:00 PM - Utah time) there rings a bell 13 times for each of the original 13 colonies. As that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Happy 235th Birthday America.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday AMERICA...

This post is dedicated to all the service men and women to have paid the ultimate price for our freedom's. For all the men and women of the armed forces. And as a tribute to America - the greatest country in the world. Also dedicated to the victims and everyone who were affected by September 11, 2001. All the victims, their families and us as a nation. There are so many appropriate songs. But, this is one of many i like.


I'm Proud to be an american

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun with Kayla

On Tuesday we had a "Grandma, Aunt Heidi and Kayla" Date. Just us girls! so i guess you can say a "Mini- Girls Day out!" We love Kayla so much and always have so much fun with her. She is so sweet and special and we just love her.

We picked her up right before 9 AM and she was ready to go and so excited. We went to Target for awhile - up in Ft. Union (midvale), then while up there went to Deseret Book to hang out for a little while. We have a cousin who works at that Deseret book and goes between the Flagship store downtown Salt Lake City., While at Target little Kayla was just having the time of her life. She was just taking "Just about everything in every department" off the shelves and into the shopping cart and had to get something for everyone. Had a good time running around and having fun. Of course we did not get all that was in the cart. But, she did get "Spoiled" She got a water bottle, a pair of thongs - red, white, and blue that she says she will be wearing to the "RECEPTION" (Our family reunion next month)i asked her about it when she said reception and she realized what she said and said "Oh yeah, i mean the family reunion". She is so cute. She also got a coloring and activity book at Deseret book., and several other things at Target. She needed to pick something out for her BIG Brother and Little sister so everyone got something. Then it was time for lunch. We went to McD's and had lunch and she got a happy meal with a cute little doll.

Sorry i did not have the camera out to take pictures at Target.

Enjoy the ones i do have!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday June 26th, 2011- was my birthday. Not just any birthday but, my 30th birthday! yay!!! So excited. I can't wait to see what this year will bring and also this Decade.

So in honor of my birthday and not to sound concieded or anything. I decided i wanted to do a "TOP 30" KIND of List.. but, this will entail a list of "30 THINGS ABOUT ME!"

So here we go....

1. I am the youngest out of two children (i have a brother who is 19 months older than i am).

2. I have the best sister in law ever (she is the best)
3. I have the cutest nieces and handsomest nephew
4. I am very loyal
5. Family is very important to me and i do not know what i would do without family
6. I Hope to be a nurse or Ultrasound technician someday (or a career in the medical industry/and field).
7. I Hope and pray to be a wife and mommy someday
8. My birthday this year was the most fun and memorable (thanks to all involved in making that happen - Lindsay (sister in law), mom, dede, mackenzie, Jared and everyone.

9. This is going to be the best year ever.
10. I Love the colors Lavender, Lilac and purples..
11. I would love to be married and sealed for time and all eternity
someday in the MANTI LDS Temple
12. My shoe size in womens is 12 - 11w or 11.5 w (if there is such a size) and on a real "lucky day" and Yes, it's 10.5 in mens (Yes you heard it right MENS) Mens shoes are more comfortable and i can just take a smaller size. However i would never wear mens dress shoes. Would be to weird.

13. I am totally weird
14. my ring size is a 9.5 - 10
15. out of all the birthday coupons i have recieved from the eclubs i am a member of i have used so far about 5 so far.
16. I LOVE SHASTA, also Cherry Pepsi and Coke, Creme Soda, Rootbeer, JUNK FOOD, pizza, McD's, Mexican, Chinese, Italian food and most any kind of food.
17. I Love Blogging
18. I Love making video's/slideshows
19. I Love creating special photo gifts (IE: Photo books, collages, etc.)
20. I Love entertaining and planning parties
21. I Love my 2 nieces Ashlee and Kayla and adorable nephew Dakota so very much
22. I have the best sister in law ever
23. I have the best Brother ever
24. Love learning new things
25. Love traveling and doing new things
26. Love photography and taking pictures
27. Love friends and family so much- they make me the person i am today
28. Did i mention i love shopping ?
29. I Love clothes and many other things
30. I Love the gospel of jesus christ (Note: I Love the Gospel of Jesus Christ - First and foremost - not last- )

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Thank you to all my friends and family and everyone who made my birthday this year and me turning 30! very special! Thanks again for all those who sent cards, gifts and who in anyway made this years birthday very special.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Love the ALERO...

Jared, Lindsay and their cute kids are up in Montana this week. Visiting Lindsay's family. Lindsay's sister mackenzie got married 2 weeks and 1 day ago. Tonight was the other wedding reception in Montana. For this trip we had came up with the idea to swap cars for the week so they could go to Montana. And boy are they enjoying and enjoyed driving my dad's Intrigue up to Glendive.

While they have the Intrigue. We have Jared's Alero. It is such a cute car and real sweeet! We are really enjoying having the ALERO parked in our driveway and with us.

Here is a couple of pictures of my brother's cute car...

and another one...

If i was in the market for a car i would totally buy this car or one like it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Love the Duggars...

I wanted to post this random video clip. Of my favorite TV family The Duggars.

When the First Grandduggar was born... (Grandbaby Mackynzie)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I officially turn 30!!! in 14 days - On June 26th!! I am excited to start this new phase of my life. I am really looking forward to my 30's! Thanks so much to my mom for putting this all together. The company was wonderful. It was real good to see everyone who came. We missed those who could not be with us tonight. Thanks to all who came. I am so blessed and glad to have so many friends who love me. I love all you to. I love and miss all those who couldn't come and i know you wanted to be there and that you love me.

I got some very thoughtful wishes (Cards), and gifts! it was just fun. Thanks for all who made this special to me and possible.

The cake was absolutely YUMMY! as well!

Please enjoy the pictures etc.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Changes coming to Magna

I wanted to post and highlight changes that are going on in Magna, Utah. Including the construction of a New Head Start School, New Fire Station, a New Elementary School and the closing of our old library. The Library closed at the old location on April 16th, 2011. Since that time we had grand opening of our new library. The school (elementary school), head start school, and fire station are still construction. We are excited for them all to open. Also more to come.

Finally have our car back...

It's been awhile again.. If my memory serves me correctly. One of the last posts i posted in recent weeks was about the Drama with my mom's car that started back in the end of April. Well i would say about a week or week in a half later we were finally getting our car back and bringing "our baby home" (The car).

FINALLY!! It's good to have a car.. You never know how much you rely upon a vehicle and how dependent you are on your cars until they are out of commission and not working.

The Car Drama started on April 23rd and we got the car back from the shop and being fixed on about the 4th of May!!! We had to find a mechanic to do the job. Luckily we had our neighbor who lives 2 houses away from us do it., Then we had to find a Engine and the parts.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I did not get a video clip of the Bouquet Toss at the wedding reception the other night. As i was one of the single ladies "In the run" for the bouquet. Congratulations to the girl who caught it. I almost caught the bouquet HA! HA! it touched my hand as it was still in the air. And it just kept going.

Anyhow this is the song Mackenzie tossed her bouquet to. Enjoy!

Single Ladies - Put a ring on it - Beyonce


I wanted to write and let you all know that i apologize for the video's not being in order in which they took place and were recorded. Please enjoy them anyway.

More Dancing at the wedding reception....

Dancing at Mackenzie and Jon's Wedding reception

Wish me luck with this upload and enjoy! this is all of us dancing at Mackenzie's and Jon's wedding reception

Before Mackenzie and Jon comes out of the reception

Wish me luck on the upload & Enjoy!

Tying the decorations to mackenzies car and all of us waiting for Jon and Mackenzie

Enjoy!!! Wish me luck with the Upload.

Jon and Mackenzie Leaving the reception

This is a Video clip of us all saying goodbye and "Sending Jon and Mackenzie off" and them leaving their wedding reception. Hope it don't take forever to upload, process and publish. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jon & Mackenzie

Yesterday my Friend Mackenzie Clayton and Jon Stockton were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Oquirrh Mtn LDS Temple. Mackenzie is one of my Sister in law Lindsay's sister's (Hope that made sense). Anyhow it was wonderful to be in the house of the lord and feel of his spirit. My parents were able to go to the sealing while i along with one of Lindsay's and Mackenzie's other sister's McKenna and some friends and cousins took care of all the little children. Pictures was fun to. We also were able to go to the reception and that was a PARTAY! Mackenzie has the PARTY, FUN personality that is just who she is. I am greatful for the knowledge to know that we can be sealed to our spouses and families forever. Congratulations Mackenzie and Jon! We are happy for you and love you both. Have a wonderful and happy and beautiful life, marriage and family. Here are some pictures, and video clips to enjoy. Mackenzie and Jon- Wedding and reception #1

Mackenzie and Jon's Wedding and reception #2

Jon and Mackenzie #3

Sorry if there is any duplicates within these slide shows...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't you love Car's ???

Don't you love car's ? we do... NOT!! recently we had to replace the head gaskets and the engine on my mom's 1998 Olds Delta 88 LSS
I honestly do not know how it happened. Anyhow it all started or should i say it happened on Saturday April 23, 2011. My dad was doing errands and he was gone. My mom and i were out and about and that afternoon i had an appointment with my Photographer friends out at Salt Air for a photo session. This is where it get's "FUN!" While enroute out to Salt Air we noticed that the car was having a rough time and was struggling. Next thing we know is the "Check engine" light is flashing. And if i remember correctly it started smelling and then really started smoking. We stopped and "broke down" on SR-201 and 9180 W (Approx) heading West.

The car was stopped and "did it's thing!" we knew we were not driving it any further. Not even home. We get on the cell phone (good thing we had it with us)., we called my brother and sister in law- they weren't home, called our house- no answer, called our bishop. Finally we get a answer. We tell him and his wife what's going on and that we would need a ride home. In the meantime we needed to arrange to get the car home. We then call a tow truck and arrange that.

Finally my dad calls back and i tell him what's going on and he says "I'm on my way!" so we tried calling the bishop back to say my dad was coming to pick us up. But, they had already left. It was then when i look up and the Tow truck is driving up to hook up the car, at basically the same time that happens- The Bishop and his wife show up, my dad and our mechanic neighbor shows up as well. So you had to be there to imagine this so there was my mom and i, my dad and the mechanic neigbor, the bishop and his wife, and the tow truck driver. All there at the same time on the side of the road. "Kind of like a party!" HA! HA!

i leave with the bishop and my mom stays with my dad, the neighbor and the tow truck driver. They look at the car- get it hooked up., My mom drives my dad's car home and gives our neighbor a ride home as well., and my dad comes home with the tow truck driver. The fortunate thing is that we didn't have to pay for the TOW! it's covered under our insurance policy.

Anyhow so we got the car fixed and everything seems to be back to normal.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I got some flowers from FTD for mother's day. I am trying to ultimately earn enough credit and discounts for flowers. For everyone who signs up through my personal link. Will help me get ultimately FREE FLOWERS.

Place all orders through this link. Thanks!- http://ftd.tellapal.com/a/clk/y03nV

If you can't click on it be sure to copy and paste into a browser.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Due to all the changes regarding the single wards and student wards. There was a special meeting on the 26th of April regarding these recent changes.

Today was stake conference in our new stake and wards. Stake Conference was held at The SLCC institute. There was over 1400 people in attendance. My stake goes all the way out into Taylorsville.

This afternoon we had at our ward house a get to know you mingle and get together.

here are some highlights.

GRANGER YSA/GRANGER 12TH Final party and reunion

Friday Night was the final party and get together with the Granger West 12th ward and Granger YSA wards. All the current and former (alumni) members were invited back for this final party and reunion. The branch originally was created about 25 years ago. And has been going and operating under differenc names. The ward is being dissolved as the church and first presidency is re-doing and restructuring all the singles wards. You can read articles i have previously posted.

Here is a little slideshow i created with the pictures i took. Not to much. I apologize.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kelsi and Nathan's Wedding reception

Last night my friend Kelsi got married. She and her family grew up for so many years in the Spencer 5th ward out here in magna. They moved away about 14 years ago (approx). And then when my singles ward was created last year. She was in my ward again. Nathan and i and my mom used to all work together at DI back in 2008.

anyhow here is a slideshow from the pictures i took at their wedding reception last night.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye...

Today was my Great Uncle Burton's funeral. He passed away last week. He will be sorely missed. We had his funeral today. The service was real nice and beautiful and well done. It was so good to see family member's and be there for his family. He is one of my grandmother Jensen's brother's.

I am so greatful for the knowledge and blessing of families. I know that families can and will be together forever. While we are sad when our relatives pass away i am so blessed to be able to see them again in heaven.

here is pictures taken through-out the past couple of days (Yesterday and today) and including last night at the viewing and today at the viewing and the graveside service.

My great uncle Burton served in the military when he was younger. And the military honors was wonderful.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Josh & Lindsey's Wedding reception...

Tonight my Friend Lindsey from my previous singles ward. She married Josh! they met last summer at a YSA activity/luau. They just clicked! and now they are married. It was such a nice reception. I was glad i was able to go. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Davidson (Josh and Lindsey) I know you will be very happy.

Travis & Aubree's Baby Shower...

Today we went to a Baby shower for some friends Travis & Aubree! Aubree is expecting and is Due May 14th, 2011. Travis and his siblings and parents and out family used to be in the same ward. They were in the ward for years before they moved away. Now we are all grown up, getting married or have already gotten married and having children of our own.

So today was the baby shower.. here are some highlights based on pictures i took.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night my mom, myself, and my cousin alyssa and her friend all were able to go to Megaplex 17 out at Jordan Commons in Sandy, Utah for a Premier advanced screening of Soul Surfer. I won the vouchers on the radio on Monday morning (KODJ Oldies 94.1) yes, the Oldies channel.

Yesterday i had to be to the theatre at 4 PM yesterday for the voucher exchange. And to get the actual tickets. Didn't want to get turned away. Got the ticket's. The Premier started at 7:00 PM last night. It was so fun to be with family.

Soul Surfer comes out in theatres this Friday- April 8th, 2011.
Soul Surfer has several awesome actors/actresses in it. Dennis Quaid (you all remember him from the Parent Trap back in 1998 right?), Helen Hunt (From Mad about you), and Carrie Underwood. You all know who Carrie Underwood is right ?

the messages i got out of this movie and what this movie is about is a teenage girl who is apart of a family who loves to surf. Mom and Dad included (Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt are the parents in the show). The young girls aspirations are to surf and to become a Professional surfer when she grows up. She get's attacked by a Shark. Looses her left atm. So the idea of the movie is that of not quitting, persevering, and not giving up on your dreams no matter what your trials in life are.

I loved the movie.. I want to go see it again and would definately recommend it.

While at the movie last night about maybe 20 minutes into the movie we hear someone in the movie yell "CALL 911!" I wasn't sure if i was hearing things or not. Anyhow another movie-goer had a medical emergency, went unconcious and then regained her conciousness. They had to stop the movie. The movie was stopped for about 25 minutes at least. They called the paramedics. They arrived quick but, of course all the time taken was in getting the paitent stablized and taken care of. About 10 minutes later after the first medical emergency happened another movie-goer had a medical emergency as well. So more paramedics were called to take care of this other individual. So we had a intermission and got to see the previews and all again. Finally everyone got taken care of and hope those individuals are okay. They went to the hospital. And at least our facebook status' got updated. ha ha ha (seriously my cousin updated her facebook status while waiting).

And finally the movie got started again. What a awesome movie.

At least the Popcorn, and Soda my mom and i had was good and i can only imagine the nacho's my cousin and her friend had was great as well.

MEGAPLEX 17 @ Jordan Commons


Our Popcorn TUB (Popcorn almost gone)....