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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walls' Wedding

Here is a Blog post my Awesome Friend Dede Wright wrote about our wedding. Walls' Wedding Back in June my friend Heidi married her sweetheart Bryan. It was a lovely day and I was so happy we got to be a part of it. I didn't get many pictures hopefully I'll be able to add some later.
Here is Heidi and Bryan. She looked beautiful!
I made 100 cupcakes for the reception.
And here is the wedding cake I made. It turned out great!
Here is a picture of cute Juliet! Congrats Heidi and Bryan! I'm so happy for you 2! :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


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Sunday, July 15, 2012


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Saturday, July 14, 2012


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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love me Face to Face... Alabama

I am posting the code & link to the song by Alabama that was apart of our wedding processional and that i walked down the aisle to with my dad and that my bridal party, the groomsman, my little flower girl and ring bearer walked down to the aisle to on our wedding to. Such a beautiful song... Truly mine and Bryan's song... Love this song... every time i hear this song i remember that day, get choked up and or start crying, remember all those who were there in person and spirit with us., and the love we have for eachother and promises we made. Makes me anxious to see the video of the ceremony and all.

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Bring Thalia Home: SUPER EXCITING PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!: Hello friends! We'd love for you to help us, and in exchange, you could win an iPad, a Blendtec blender, a Kitchenaid Mixer, a $200 Amazon...

Monday, July 9, 2012

1 MONTH.....

Exactly 1 month ago (June 9th, 2012) all my dreams came true. Because that is when i married the love of my life, best friend, man of my dreams. Yes, Bryan and I have been married for 1 Month!!! - although we got married on a Saturday., today is our official 1 month anniversary. It was 4 saturday's ago (on this last Saturday). Where does the time go ??? I love him more today than i did a month ago, more than i did 6 months ago and more than i did almost a year ago (when we got together). We have been togther almost a year. This month has been crazy and such but, everything we go through makes us stronger and i look forward to all the opportunities that will strengthen and make us stronger individually and as a couple. And all the blessings marriage brings and all the UP's and Down's and all of it. Happy 1 Month Honey... I look forward to the day we kneel across eachother and are sealed to eachother for time and all eternity. and are eachother's FOREVER!!!! here are a few pictures done by our photographer on our special day... Thanks Olga and Endless Memories Photography... My Dad walking me down the Aisle... Giving me away to Bryan...
My Niece Kayla's Flower Girl Basket....
My Niece Kayla was my flower girl... What a special and beautiful girl she is.... Thanks Kayla - Aunt Heidi & Uncle Bryan loves you!!!
My Bouquet....
The Bride (ME)....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Endless Memories Photography & Olga Clark....

Olga Clark from Endless Memories Photography in Utah. Did mine and my husband Bryan's Wedding when we got married in Magna, Utah on June 9th, 2012. She did such a good and phenominal Job for us and we love the pictures we are seeing so far. Her pictures are breathtaking and she has such a talent and ability to capture all those special moments and captures everything so perfectly. The Pictures are adorable... We would love to have some more pictures done with her., Thanks Olga and Endless Memories Photography for making our day so very special and capturing everything so perfectly.
The above pictures are ones she took of My dad walking me down the Aisle. they also include my Niece Kayla - she was my flower girl and also she captured perfectly my nieces little matching flower girl basket she had that matched her dress that my wonderful mother in law made.
This one i absolutely love... She took of my bridal bouquet- "Pretty in pink!" my Aunt Susan made my bridal bouquet. Thanks Aunt Susan...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July.....

I want to write about the 4th of July... And also it's special meaning to me. I am Greatful for this day - the birthday of our wonderful country. The country that gives us the freedoms we enjoy, the declaration of independence, and a chance to celebrate with friends, family and have a very fun and special day. This day is also special to me personally for a few reasons. the first one being - it's the birthday of my Great Grand father Roy Alva Richhart SR., can't remember his birth year. It also is the 2 Year Baptism anniversary/anniversary of Joining the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints of my wonderful and sweet & dear husband Bryan. Bryan Joined the church and was baptized on July 4, 2010. I can't wait till we can and will go and start our temple preparation classes, the day we get our endowments out, the day he recieves the melchezidek preisthood, and also the day when we kneel across eachother (Across the Altar) in the house of the lord (one of many of our beautiful temples) and become eternal companions and get married and sealed for time and all eternity (our temple wedding). And of course the day of the birth of our first child and all our children. I can't wait to have and go through all these moments and milestones with the Man I Love and to be with him forever and to be with him only (he is the only one i ever want to be with and have children with)., and to continue and experience life with him and recieve and be the recipient of all the blessings of marriage and blessings marriage brings. Happy Fourth of July everyone....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes Coming

Time to get down to business.. Since Bryan and I are married now. We are really wanting to start a family., to be able to get pregnant and have children. Which means i want to be and become even more healthy... That being said... I am going to strive and work harder to get in better shape, loose some weight, and slim it down also meaning making better beverage and food choices. I think my main struggle will be backing off and or cutting down on the Soda and carbonation intake. That is the thing i struggle with the most. I find that when i loose weight i am only loosing between 3-5 pounds each week (when i loose) and then it seems like the next week i am gaining it all back and more. So i know i can do it with the love, encouragement and support most importantly from my Husband. And the love, help and encouragement of all of you my friends and family.