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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Love Service...

Last night while at work i had a customer (good samaritan) come through my line. Wanting to purchase a gift card he proceeds to tell me that he had met some people outside who didn't have job's or money and he wanted to buy a gift card for them so they could come inside and buy some stuff. I said and also thought "Oh, that is so very nice of you!" he purchased the gift card and was on his way. He did come back a few minutes later to get a couple of things for himself. That reminded me of the time last Christmas time when my mom was at Walmart buying some grocery items and she went to use her debit card and it was declined and so she was going out to her car and was at her car about to get into her car when behind her was a boy who was behind her with his mom in line and the boy was telling her that she needed to come back because his mom was going to/and paid for her stuff as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I got the opportunity to serve yesterday (Wednesday). There was a Brother in mine and Bryan's ward down here in Mesquite who passed away. And upon recieving the announcement email for this week the relief society was coordinating the funeral lunch for the family and there guests and relatives and of course they needed help and volunteers to help with the luncheon at the church., and volunteers to help bring and make salads and other items and also needed help heating up Ham(S) that the ward provided. Well since i had to work yesterday i still wanted to do something. So i volunteered and one of the sister's brought over Tuesday night a ham and i needed to have it back to the church yesterday by 3:15 PM so while and before i got ready to work and left i put the ham in and got it done. It smelled so very good. Now i want to get a Ham and make it. Anyhow so on my way to work i dropped the ham off at the church and wished i could have stayed and did more. But, i was so greatful for the opportunity and blessing i was given to be able to help and be of service.

Monday, October 22, 2012

MICHE Bag Party (Online)

So i am having a Miche Handbag online Party. It will open on November 1, 2012 and go till the 15th. I really want to be able to earn free hostess credit or deeply discounted product and or earn enough sales to earn my KIT so i can be a consultant. I Hope you will help & support me and help me get the credit and sales i need to accomplish these goals. There is a event on facebook i can send it to you if you would like. Also the information is as follows you can i believe order anytime starting now. Here is the information: https://shaleepeterson.miche.com/Shop?partyId=121247 One Bag... Endless Looks! Being a Miche fan means never having to switch purses again— it's a beautiful thing! You put all of your essentials in just one bag and never have to bother with moving it all to a different purse each time you change your outfit. Imagine—you will always know where your favorite lipstick is! You start with a Base Bag—Prima, Demi, Classic or Petite—then add any one of our stylish Shells and you're ready for your busy day. Which are you feeling like today? Fun? Flirty? Sophisticated? All business? No problem. You can give your Miche Bag the exact look you want in 3 seconds or less. Now that's instant gratification! In order for Heidi to get credit for your party, shop from this link https://shaleepeterson.miche.com/Shop?partyId=121247. If you would like to book a party for Heidi she could qualify for 1/2 off a shell. call me with questions, I'd love to help you customize the bag thats perfect for you. https://shaleepeterson.miche.com/Shop?partyId=121247

Monday, October 15, 2012

What to Expect when your EXPECTING....

Disclaimer: to my knowledge I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! that being said i want to write about a fun, and cute movie i saw the other night. A movie i rented from redbox. It's called "What to expect when your expecting". it has Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz in it along with other awesome actors and actresses. Anyhow so this movie is about Jennifer Lopez struggling with fertiity issues and so her and her husband is in the process of adoption., they adopt a baby from Ethiopia. Cameron Diaz is a personal trainer/fitness instructor and such and she is getting ready to film some fitness shows and finds out she's pregnant and expecting and is supposed to be completely done filming before she delivers but, while traveling experiences some preterm labor of sorts and get's put on bedrest and has to stay in Atlanta till she delivers and her boyfriend shows up to take care of her. and Dennis Quaid is in this movie and is married to some 20 or 30 yr old something girl and they get pregnant and are expecting twins while his son and his wife are expecting. And they all are or seem to be well off. It's really fun and sweet. I won't say to much more so you won't know everything that happens. I definately loved this movie and definatley recommend it. IT'S TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Amazing Jakes....

This last Monday my awesome mom in law, brother in law, myself, and nephew shane and my awesome best friend & Sweetheart Bryan went to Amazing Jakes up in Plano - here in Texas... of course. It's kind of like Chuck E Cheese accept it's for all ages. So you all get the idea of what kind of place it is right ? Anyhow we went because it was Shane's fair day. All the schools down here in texas this time of year when the State fair is going on they all have fair day's which when you have your fair day you get the day off of school (the different school districts have their fair day's and they are all on different days). Anyhow we opted to not go to the fair due to the costs, parking, crowds etc. So we went to Amazing Jakes and had pizza, soda's, drinks desserts (it's a all you can eat buffet). And then played. It was so fun!!! Thank You mom for a fun day. Honey, We were sad you couldn't stay and play with us (Bryan had to go back to work- he came over on his lunch hour- he don't work that far from there).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas cards....

I do not normally post this kind of post on my blogs. But, i figured i would give it a try... We are wanting to start to gather Addresses for our Christmas cards this year. We want to keep in contact and send to and hear from as many people as possible. So if you would like to recieve a card from us this year please leave your address as a comment on this post and i will input it into a document. Also we have a event on facebook as well. We need addresses by the 14th of December at the latest so we can try to get to everyone in time.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tastefully Simple

Wanted to get the word out... Just a reminder... I am having a Tastefully Simple online and catalog party. Will end on October 13th, 2012 - let me know what you need (yummy foods) for your family, holidays etc. and i will get it ordered for you. Or visit www.tastefullysimple.com/web/sguerra and or email me your orders and i will get it taken care of. Perfect time with fall and the holidays coming up. Please help me reach at least a $500 goal if not more... - When ordering and when you get to the checkout page towards the bottom of the page you will see a option to associate your order to a party and event click on it and you will have to put in the first 3 letters of my first name and first 2 letters of my last name and texas as the state and the date of October 13th, 2012. and when my party comes up click select on the side and your order will credit and associate to my party.