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Monday, October 15, 2012

What to Expect when your EXPECTING....

Disclaimer: to my knowledge I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! that being said i want to write about a fun, and cute movie i saw the other night. A movie i rented from redbox. It's called "What to expect when your expecting". it has Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz in it along with other awesome actors and actresses. Anyhow so this movie is about Jennifer Lopez struggling with fertiity issues and so her and her husband is in the process of adoption., they adopt a baby from Ethiopia. Cameron Diaz is a personal trainer/fitness instructor and such and she is getting ready to film some fitness shows and finds out she's pregnant and expecting and is supposed to be completely done filming before she delivers but, while traveling experiences some preterm labor of sorts and get's put on bedrest and has to stay in Atlanta till she delivers and her boyfriend shows up to take care of her. and Dennis Quaid is in this movie and is married to some 20 or 30 yr old something girl and they get pregnant and are expecting twins while his son and his wife are expecting. And they all are or seem to be well off. It's really fun and sweet. I won't say to much more so you won't know everything that happens. I definately loved this movie and definatley recommend it. IT'S TWO THUMBS UP!!!

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Anonymous said...

That was one of my favorite movies this year! So funny that you are talking about it.