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Friday, October 12, 2012

Amazing Jakes....

This last Monday my awesome mom in law, brother in law, myself, and nephew shane and my awesome best friend & Sweetheart Bryan went to Amazing Jakes up in Plano - here in Texas... of course. It's kind of like Chuck E Cheese accept it's for all ages. So you all get the idea of what kind of place it is right ? Anyhow we went because it was Shane's fair day. All the schools down here in texas this time of year when the State fair is going on they all have fair day's which when you have your fair day you get the day off of school (the different school districts have their fair day's and they are all on different days). Anyhow we opted to not go to the fair due to the costs, parking, crowds etc. So we went to Amazing Jakes and had pizza, soda's, drinks desserts (it's a all you can eat buffet). And then played. It was so fun!!! Thank You mom for a fun day. Honey, We were sad you couldn't stay and play with us (Bryan had to go back to work- he came over on his lunch hour- he don't work that far from there).

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