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Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't you love Car's ???

Don't you love car's ? we do... NOT!! recently we had to replace the head gaskets and the engine on my mom's 1998 Olds Delta 88 LSS
I honestly do not know how it happened. Anyhow it all started or should i say it happened on Saturday April 23, 2011. My dad was doing errands and he was gone. My mom and i were out and about and that afternoon i had an appointment with my Photographer friends out at Salt Air for a photo session. This is where it get's "FUN!" While enroute out to Salt Air we noticed that the car was having a rough time and was struggling. Next thing we know is the "Check engine" light is flashing. And if i remember correctly it started smelling and then really started smoking. We stopped and "broke down" on SR-201 and 9180 W (Approx) heading West.

The car was stopped and "did it's thing!" we knew we were not driving it any further. Not even home. We get on the cell phone (good thing we had it with us)., we called my brother and sister in law- they weren't home, called our house- no answer, called our bishop. Finally we get a answer. We tell him and his wife what's going on and that we would need a ride home. In the meantime we needed to arrange to get the car home. We then call a tow truck and arrange that.

Finally my dad calls back and i tell him what's going on and he says "I'm on my way!" so we tried calling the bishop back to say my dad was coming to pick us up. But, they had already left. It was then when i look up and the Tow truck is driving up to hook up the car, at basically the same time that happens- The Bishop and his wife show up, my dad and our mechanic neighbor shows up as well. So you had to be there to imagine this so there was my mom and i, my dad and the mechanic neigbor, the bishop and his wife, and the tow truck driver. All there at the same time on the side of the road. "Kind of like a party!" HA! HA!

i leave with the bishop and my mom stays with my dad, the neighbor and the tow truck driver. They look at the car- get it hooked up., My mom drives my dad's car home and gives our neighbor a ride home as well., and my dad comes home with the tow truck driver. The fortunate thing is that we didn't have to pay for the TOW! it's covered under our insurance policy.

Anyhow so we got the car fixed and everything seems to be back to normal.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Due to all the changes regarding the single wards and student wards. There was a special meeting on the 26th of April regarding these recent changes.

Today was stake conference in our new stake and wards. Stake Conference was held at The SLCC institute. There was over 1400 people in attendance. My stake goes all the way out into Taylorsville.

This afternoon we had at our ward house a get to know you mingle and get together.

here are some highlights.

GRANGER YSA/GRANGER 12TH Final party and reunion

Friday Night was the final party and get together with the Granger West 12th ward and Granger YSA wards. All the current and former (alumni) members were invited back for this final party and reunion. The branch originally was created about 25 years ago. And has been going and operating under differenc names. The ward is being dissolved as the church and first presidency is re-doing and restructuring all the singles wards. You can read articles i have previously posted.

Here is a little slideshow i created with the pictures i took. Not to much. I apologize.