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Monday, June 18, 2012


Well.... It's Official!!!! We got our Marriage License in the mail today.... Has the seal and signature of the county clerk!!! WAHOO!!! "Were legal and official now!" I love my life... it's the little things that count...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Wedding.... Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Walls

Bryan and I got married this last Saturday June 9, 2012. In my parents' ward house. The ward house and ward i grew up in. We will be going to be sealed for time and all eternity in about 1 year or so. Bryan and i met online as a result of a free communication weekend and event on eharmony a year ago memorial day (around there). We started communicating and by the 2nd or 1st email in our free communication weekend or maybe after (as we had to go through the communication getting to know eachother and answering those questions etc.) We both did not want to pay to communicate after the free event. We exchanged email addresses, phone numbers, friended eachother on facebook., by the 2nd email one night i was randomly on the computer talking to him and on youtube listening to country kind of songs and something went off in my head and i had the thought and said "I want to marry him (this guy!) he was going to come up on the 4th of July weekend but, couldn't get off work. He had his vacation scheduled for the first weekend of august for a week. He left Texas on the evening of the 5th of August and arrived the night of the 6th (it's a 24 hour drive - longer because of stopping and resting etc.), we went to church on the 7th of August and had Jared and Lindsay and the girls over for lunch and to meet him. He got to meet Dakota the next day on the 8th as Dakota was at his mother's house. We also just "Hung out!" that day and was at the mall and started looking at rings- tried a few on., and just had fun. I got "Dolled up!" (got my hair done, we went out to eat and all that. He takes very good care of me. I Love him so much! i know he loves me so much. On the 9th we hung out more.... went to the movies at Valley Fair Mall and after he's like "Let's go to the great salt lake!" we went out there and was walking around. walking on the sand and in the water. As we were walking we stopped for a minute. Not thinking anything of it. He then says "I'm fixen to do something... still not clicking in my head and i'm still not thinking anything of it... I was looking at the moon and the pretty sunset." I turn back around and when i did he was on one knee and the following was said "Heidi Gail Richhart will you marry me ?" Of course i said YES!! I got to show him off to meet most of my extended family at our family reunion about 3 days later on that friday and weekend. We have been through so much together. I came home on May 23rd, 2012 ahead of Bryan to be here as a result of my mother being involved in a major and serious car accident on May 15th, 2012. Anyhow i was without Bryan for 2 weeks... The longest 2 weeks of my life. But, he arrived on the 6th - actually the 7th (last thursday) at 2:00 AM - we went to get our marriage license on the 7th & had our couples bridal shower that night, had a dinner for family and close friends we had about 20 people there., and then the wedding and reception on the 9th. We got married at 2:30 PM we are greatful for all the people who came and for their love and support. We had approximately 70 people (if not more) at the ceremony and then we had the reception. We had so much fun and we had tons of people tell us how beautiful it was and how much fun they had. My bridal party and the groomsman were all wonderful. Very close friends. The processional was awesome. I will post pictures taken later but, want to post one of the pictures our photographer took. We were so blessed with this wedding... we had so much help!!! Thanks to my Uncle Paul, Aunt Cindy, my cousin Alyssa and her boyfriend Logan, my brother Jared and his wife, My uncle Larry and Aunt Susan - Aunt Susan who made me my beautiful bouquet and boutineers also the flowers for the bridesmaids., and for help decorating and setting up., My Awesome Friend Dede for making us our wedding cake, my friend Sam for being our DJ, my cousin Jodi for also providing greenery and additional flowers, and friends who helped at the reception and in the kitchen. My wonderful husband for making the dinner the night before., Austyn (my friend Leah's little girl) for being our ring bearer., She did a wonderful job. My niece Kayla for being the flower girl. All the services provided to us as a wedding gift such as the wedding cake, DJ services, Bridal bouquet and boutineers etc. And for everyone who came for their love and support and for all the gifts and generosity. Without you all and your love and support this day would not have been possible.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here is feedback i submitted on Smith's food and drug's website, their facebook page, and will be on twitter via this link from this post... SHAME ON SMITHS FOOD AND DRUG... HERE'S WHY.... HERE IS A POST AND FEEDBACK I POSTED ON THERE WEBPAGE... I have to say my family and i are really disappointed in a experience we had with your pharmacy tonight at the store located at 8055 W 3500 South in Magna, Utah - My mother is just recovering from a major car accident and has spent the last 3 weeks in the hospital and a rehab and care center recovering. Just getting home today. She had one of her prescriptions called in by her doctor at like 2:00 PM today. And it took the staff a WHOPPING 7 HOURS to fill and process a damn prescription.... Are you kidding me? do you know how many places or how many things i can get done in 7 hours? and the sorry excuses they offered are as follows: "Oh, since you did not immediately come in after the prescription was called in and since the prescription was called in. We just tossed it aside and just didn't fill it because we didn't know when you would be here." Are you serious? did you just say that? We have done business with Smiths for 20 years + and alot of or most of the time we have had precriptions called in and have never heard of this reason and excuse or experienced this. That is the most ridiculous, pathetic and lame excuse i have ever heard. Sounds like just something that was said to cover their "behinds". and we just focused on walk in's. Pardon my french but really ? What the hell? who does business and conducts and represents themselves and a company like that and who deals and treats people like that? Like previously stated we have many many many times had prescriptions called in over the phone and never had this happen. What gives? is this what your customer base deserves and can expect? things not to be done in a timely manner? to wait and have their prescriptions take 7 hours to fill. I can work a shift in that time? Smiths needs to make this right and implement things to ensure things like this never happens again. And in the case of being short handed because that is what they said to., you know what? get on the phone and call other employees in to help. I will encourage others and myself to take my business to Harmons, Walgreens, or walmart or another retailer if this is how i will get treated. I as a customer expect better than this and some resolution. Very very very bad business.

Wedding Announcement from our ward's relief society....

Here is a Awesome announcement from my Ward's Relief Society- our weekly email we get.. Dallas 5th Ward Rocks!!! here it is.... "Hi Sisters! I forgot to mention one announcement! Congratulations to Sister Heidi Richhart & Brother Brian Walls, who will be getting married this Saturday 6/9 (in Utah I believe). Dallas 5th Ward Relief Society Presidency "

Saturday, June 2, 2012

7 DAYS....

I am the luckiest girl alive... In exactly 7 days from today... Next Saturday I will marry my best friend, the love of my life and my sweetheart Bryan Walls. I am so lucky and blessed to have him and to have found him. He is always there for me and i always know he will be. I always know how much and deeply he loves me, adores me, cherish's me... And so much more. I Love him so much! we are so happy and excited!!! can't wait to see you all.