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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A POST I ADDED ON CRAIGSLIST to help me find my belongings... Please spread the word and pass this along.... I believe my "everyday" bag i carry that has misc items such as catalogs, paper, pens and also has that is very important.... My Wallet that has all my loyalty shopper cards, pictures, My Drivers License (Utah Drivers License) that reads my maiden last name., Pictures etc. It is LOST AND OR STOLEN!!! I live in Mesquite, TX and Work in West Plano, TX - my bag is a Blue/black bag and it has hancockfabrics.com and the picture and graphic is a spool of thread and it has i believe black handles/straps. I just discovered that it was missing today. But, honestly the last time i had it was a couple of days ago (at least on Sunday- maybe even as far as Thursday - Thanksgiving!) My wallet is a Black folder that opens/folds out when you open it and it's "THICK!" due to all the stuff i have inside. If you took it out of my car or i just left it behind somewhere either up in Plano or down here in mesquite, tx please do the right thing and return it to my house or call me (I will give contact info only via email . Not real comfortable yet posting it here. So if you have it, know where it is, have seen it please reply to this post and we can coordinate pick up. ) NO SPAMMERS!!!! • Location: Mesquite, TX