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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures anyone ????

My friend Karen Squires of Adorable you photography is a awesome photographer and i want to help her get her name out there. Also when you visit her website - www.AdorableYouPhotography.com & book and complete a session with her you will get awesome, priceless and beautiful pictures and i will earn credit towards pictures as well. The more the better.

**If you are unable to click on the link to her website within this post then you will have to copy and paste the address into a new browser and find it from there. **

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My friend Stacy Nish of Stacy Marie Photography has a new thing going on where she offers workshops to enhance photgraphic skills for you and me. And everyone. She is doing a giveaway. She has a facebook page on facebook. "It just clicks" so go look it up and like the page. And enter her contest for a free photo session and other goodies.

here is the link. - http://www.itjustclicksworkshop.com/

Proclomation to the World- The Family

I hope i can live the guidlines, and standards of the Proclomation of the Family. With my eternal Family someday.

Happy Birthday Grandma...

Today is my Grandma Jensen's birthday. She was born March 23, 1929. She left us and went to her Heavenly home on March 26, 1992. only 3 days after her 63rd birthday. She was my best friend and was always there for me. I miss her so much.

Today my mom and i went to the cemetary to take beautiful flowers for her grave and to visit for just a few minutes. I was only 10 1/2 years old when she passed on. I miss her!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! i wish she was here with us to enjoy all her great grandchildren. 4 Great Granddaughters and 2 great grandson's and her children and grandchildren. But, we know she is where she is supposed to be. And i am so greatful for the promise of Eternal families. And the knowledge to know we will all see her again.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to ????

I just have to share this funny clip from my nephew Dakota's and Sister in law Lindsay's birthday party on Wednesday night. They were singing Happy Birthday and my sister in law's sister dede and her family were there and her sister mackenzie was there as well. They were singing and as they got to the part where you say "Happy Birthday dear Dakota and Lindsay!" Lindsay's brother in law Mike says as he is looking at their calendar on the wall. He says "Happy Birthday dear mike" because he was looking at July's page and saw his birthday on it. Mike quickly realized what he had said and corrected it and said "Happy Birthday dear lindsay!" by then everyone was laughing. It was a "RIOT!" I don't think they were able to finish the song.

You can now find this on Youtube!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I wanted to post about a cool promotion or contest that is going on through tomorrow with red box. I have set up a link through which i post to facebook, on my blog, email etc. a code/link and through tomorrow anyone who rents through redbox with my link. I will earn free red box. It's so easy and you can do it to. But, Hurry it ends tomorrow night. Hopefully i can earn some free redbox. So let the renting begin and rent through this link.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ashlee's 2 year old birthday pictures.

I do not own the copyrights to these pictures. Please do not take the images within this link and download or save them. These were done at the pictureme portrait studio's at walmart. They own the rights to them.

These are the 2 year old birthday pictures of my cute little niece ashlee.


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