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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ghost Rider 2

So yesterday my Honey Bryan and I and our nephew Shane (He's 13!) anyway went to see the new Ghost rider. It has Nicholas Cage in it. It was an alright movie. But, we had fun anyway. The theatre is the "dollar movies" theatre. Actually if you go before 6 PM then tickets are only $1.25 and then after 6 PM they are $1.75. Really good prices. So for our three tickets it only cost $3.75 wahoo!! so then we get in there and i think we were only intending on getting one LARGE popcorn. Well Bryan decides to get a #2 movie meal which for $10 included a Large drink and a Medium popcorn. So we go to order that and the concessions crew did a real good upsell. She indicated that for only $1 more we could upgrade to having a Large Drink, Large Popcorn and a free candy and Free refill(S) on the drink and popcorn. We did that and it was so worth it. We actually brought popcorn and our drink home. As when i went to refill the drink and popcorn. Little did i know that the time i went to do that there was only 5 minutes left in the movie. HA ! HA ! anyhow it was fun. I think the next movie i want to go with- with Bryan is to see "THE VOW!" They also got beauty and the beast in 3D playing there. Oh how i love that movie. If you live in the mesquite, forney, and surrounding areas you got to visit Forney stadium 12 in Forney and or the Mesquite Cinema 10 in Mesquite off of US 80 by the sonic drive in. Did i forget to tell you there seats recline a little bit and they have $1 hot dogs ?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wedding Dress...

I picked out my wedding dress and put a deposit down on it. I love it and hope you enjoy it like i do.