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Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes Coming

Time to get down to business.. Since Bryan and I are married now. We are really wanting to start a family., to be able to get pregnant and have children. Which means i want to be and become even more healthy... That being said... I am going to strive and work harder to get in better shape, loose some weight, and slim it down also meaning making better beverage and food choices. I think my main struggle will be backing off and or cutting down on the Soda and carbonation intake. That is the thing i struggle with the most. I find that when i loose weight i am only loosing between 3-5 pounds each week (when i loose) and then it seems like the next week i am gaining it all back and more. So i know i can do it with the love, encouragement and support most importantly from my Husband. And the love, help and encouragement of all of you my friends and family.

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