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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night my mom, myself, and my cousin alyssa and her friend all were able to go to Megaplex 17 out at Jordan Commons in Sandy, Utah for a Premier advanced screening of Soul Surfer. I won the vouchers on the radio on Monday morning (KODJ Oldies 94.1) yes, the Oldies channel.

Yesterday i had to be to the theatre at 4 PM yesterday for the voucher exchange. And to get the actual tickets. Didn't want to get turned away. Got the ticket's. The Premier started at 7:00 PM last night. It was so fun to be with family.

Soul Surfer comes out in theatres this Friday- April 8th, 2011.
Soul Surfer has several awesome actors/actresses in it. Dennis Quaid (you all remember him from the Parent Trap back in 1998 right?), Helen Hunt (From Mad about you), and Carrie Underwood. You all know who Carrie Underwood is right ?

the messages i got out of this movie and what this movie is about is a teenage girl who is apart of a family who loves to surf. Mom and Dad included (Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt are the parents in the show). The young girls aspirations are to surf and to become a Professional surfer when she grows up. She get's attacked by a Shark. Looses her left atm. So the idea of the movie is that of not quitting, persevering, and not giving up on your dreams no matter what your trials in life are.

I loved the movie.. I want to go see it again and would definately recommend it.

While at the movie last night about maybe 20 minutes into the movie we hear someone in the movie yell "CALL 911!" I wasn't sure if i was hearing things or not. Anyhow another movie-goer had a medical emergency, went unconcious and then regained her conciousness. They had to stop the movie. The movie was stopped for about 25 minutes at least. They called the paramedics. They arrived quick but, of course all the time taken was in getting the paitent stablized and taken care of. About 10 minutes later after the first medical emergency happened another movie-goer had a medical emergency as well. So more paramedics were called to take care of this other individual. So we had a intermission and got to see the previews and all again. Finally everyone got taken care of and hope those individuals are okay. They went to the hospital. And at least our facebook status' got updated. ha ha ha (seriously my cousin updated her facebook status while waiting).

And finally the movie got started again. What a awesome movie.

At least the Popcorn, and Soda my mom and i had was good and i can only imagine the nacho's my cousin and her friend had was great as well.

MEGAPLEX 17 @ Jordan Commons


Our Popcorn TUB (Popcorn almost gone)....

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