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Monday, November 7, 2011


This last weekend was i would have to say one of the Best weekends of my life. At least my Adult life.

I was able to travel Friday night down to San Antonio with my Best Friend, Sweetheart, & Love of my life Bryan. To celebrate our 3 month anniversary (since we actually got together) Where has the last 3 months gone? our 3 month Anniversary was actually Saturday. And to also go see my brother, sister in law and adorable nieces and handsome nephew. They along with my Sister in law's whole family minus 3 members were in town for the Baptism of Kylie. The oldest Grandchild in my sister in laws family (the clayton family). So we were able to go see them, go to the baptism, and they all were able to meet My Sweetheart Bryan. And I am confident in saying that

It was really special because Bryan & I were able to just spend alot of time together alone. And also spend time with the family. Bryan & I were able to BOND! and that meant more to me than going out and doing "alot of things" I loved just being together. And then being with family & friends.

A weekend i will remember forever. Thanks Sweetheart! I LOVE YOU!

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