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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I am Greatful for...

Thanksgiving is coming soon. And i would feel completely selfish & ungreatful if i did not share & express all I am greatful for.

May your Thanksgiving find you and yours Well, Healthy, and Happy & Safe and also
find you reflecting what you are greatful for.


*A Warm home & Bed to sleep in
*Family & Friends who adore, cherish, & Love me
*A Fiance who takes care of me
*A Fiance who loves, cherishes, & adores me and whom will
do anything for me & is always there for me.

*A wonderful soon to be Mother in law - who loves & accepts me for me.
*My wonderful & new soon to be family.
*Freedom's I enjoy everyday
*My Awesome Brother & Sister in law and 2 beautiful nieces and handsome nephew. - who i love and adore. they are always there for me
* My Parents
* The Fact that on Thanksgiving - The whole family will be home & we will be eating together as a Family (That hasn't happened for at least several weeks - because of work & busy schedules)& Spending the day together.

* Another Cool Nephew who we only see every other weekend but, when he's here he always is wanting to spend time with me, wants to hang out with me, and talk to me (It's the simple things in life that makes life great).

* The Yummy Pizza i just had for dinner tonight.
* The Beautiful Christmas music that is playing non stop on the radio & internet
* Warm Clothes
* My Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner etc.
* Having hot & cold water to bathe or shower in
* Having a computer & internet access to be able to keep in contact with my friends and so i can do my blogging.
* My Shoes
* My Clothes

I am greatful for so much more.. And i can go on & on. But, i just want to reflect and take a moment to share what i am greatful for. And hope we all can reflect and give gratitude for what we are greatful for and be mindful of those less fortunate. And do something this holiday season for someone else. And pay it forward.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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