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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paying It forward....

Have to share a experience that happened to my mom today at Walmart... I have her permission to share this hehehe- Anyhow she went to Walmart to get some last minutes items for Thanksgiving. She was in line waiting to pay for her stuff. Her items & her debit card was ran and declined. It was tried several times. Declined. So she simply walked away to leave and went to her car. She got to the car and turned around and there was this boy behind her saying "my mom is going to pay for your stuff". Mom said to him "Are you sure? then said "where's your mom" he said "she's in the store- follow me". She got back in the store and the lady had finished paying for my mom's stuff and her stuff. My mom said to the lady "Are you sure? and thank you!" and got back to her car and cried. Nothing like paying it forward! Happy Thanksgiving!

I also Just want to give a THANK YOU! to the "Angel!" and real sweet lady who helped and took care of my mother today. You will never know how much that means to me. God Bless you! I am so thankful for this lady & and for the blessings of paying it forward.

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