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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun with Kayla

On Tuesday we had a "Grandma, Aunt Heidi and Kayla" Date. Just us girls! so i guess you can say a "Mini- Girls Day out!" We love Kayla so much and always have so much fun with her. She is so sweet and special and we just love her.

We picked her up right before 9 AM and she was ready to go and so excited. We went to Target for awhile - up in Ft. Union (midvale), then while up there went to Deseret Book to hang out for a little while. We have a cousin who works at that Deseret book and goes between the Flagship store downtown Salt Lake City., While at Target little Kayla was just having the time of her life. She was just taking "Just about everything in every department" off the shelves and into the shopping cart and had to get something for everyone. Had a good time running around and having fun. Of course we did not get all that was in the cart. But, she did get "Spoiled" She got a water bottle, a pair of thongs - red, white, and blue that she says she will be wearing to the "RECEPTION" (Our family reunion next month)i asked her about it when she said reception and she realized what she said and said "Oh yeah, i mean the family reunion". She is so cute. She also got a coloring and activity book at Deseret book., and several other things at Target. She needed to pick something out for her BIG Brother and Little sister so everyone got something. Then it was time for lunch. We went to McD's and had lunch and she got a happy meal with a cute little doll.

Sorry i did not have the camera out to take pictures at Target.

Enjoy the ones i do have!

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