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Friday, July 29, 2011



Hey Friends and everyone... I am doing a Avon E-party with my avon rep. Danica Stewart. - I am trying to reach a goal of sales with this party of $1549 at least so i can get a basket and a 30% discount. to have your orders apply to my party you need to enter promo code - AUGUST11 at checkout and update and submit it. Otherwise it won't count towards my party. - http://youravon.com/danicastew​art

With the coupon/promo code if you follow the link listed above that will take you to the representive website and it should already have the promo and coupon code pre-filled in. However if it don't feel free to enter it in. Then click update before you click to go to the checkout page. You may want to enter it in and click update again on the final checkout page just to be safe and then hit submit. After doing so you will get a confirmation. And please email me or message me somehow or whatever letting me know you ordered and i will double check with my rep to make sure the sale got credited correctly and to my party.

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