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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday June 26th, 2011- was my birthday. Not just any birthday but, my 30th birthday! yay!!! So excited. I can't wait to see what this year will bring and also this Decade.

So in honor of my birthday and not to sound concieded or anything. I decided i wanted to do a "TOP 30" KIND of List.. but, this will entail a list of "30 THINGS ABOUT ME!"

So here we go....

1. I am the youngest out of two children (i have a brother who is 19 months older than i am).

2. I have the best sister in law ever (she is the best)
3. I have the cutest nieces and handsomest nephew
4. I am very loyal
5. Family is very important to me and i do not know what i would do without family
6. I Hope to be a nurse or Ultrasound technician someday (or a career in the medical industry/and field).
7. I Hope and pray to be a wife and mommy someday
8. My birthday this year was the most fun and memorable (thanks to all involved in making that happen - Lindsay (sister in law), mom, dede, mackenzie, Jared and everyone.

9. This is going to be the best year ever.
10. I Love the colors Lavender, Lilac and purples..
11. I would love to be married and sealed for time and all eternity
someday in the MANTI LDS Temple
12. My shoe size in womens is 12 - 11w or 11.5 w (if there is such a size) and on a real "lucky day" and Yes, it's 10.5 in mens (Yes you heard it right MENS) Mens shoes are more comfortable and i can just take a smaller size. However i would never wear mens dress shoes. Would be to weird.

13. I am totally weird
14. my ring size is a 9.5 - 10
15. out of all the birthday coupons i have recieved from the eclubs i am a member of i have used so far about 5 so far.
16. I LOVE SHASTA, also Cherry Pepsi and Coke, Creme Soda, Rootbeer, JUNK FOOD, pizza, McD's, Mexican, Chinese, Italian food and most any kind of food.
17. I Love Blogging
18. I Love making video's/slideshows
19. I Love creating special photo gifts (IE: Photo books, collages, etc.)
20. I Love entertaining and planning parties
21. I Love my 2 nieces Ashlee and Kayla and adorable nephew Dakota so very much
22. I have the best sister in law ever
23. I have the best Brother ever
24. Love learning new things
25. Love traveling and doing new things
26. Love photography and taking pictures
27. Love friends and family so much- they make me the person i am today
28. Did i mention i love shopping ?
29. I Love clothes and many other things
30. I Love the gospel of jesus christ (Note: I Love the Gospel of Jesus Christ - First and foremost - not last- )


The Weed said...

Congratulations on turning 30! I really enjoyed reading that list and getting to know more about you. Hope this year really is your best year ever!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Thanks for your comments, and friendship and following my blog even though it maybe boring at times.

The Weed said...

You're welcome! I always read your posts ;-) I don't think it's boring at all.