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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally have our car back...

It's been awhile again.. If my memory serves me correctly. One of the last posts i posted in recent weeks was about the Drama with my mom's car that started back in the end of April. Well i would say about a week or week in a half later we were finally getting our car back and bringing "our baby home" (The car).

FINALLY!! It's good to have a car.. You never know how much you rely upon a vehicle and how dependent you are on your cars until they are out of commission and not working.

The Car Drama started on April 23rd and we got the car back from the shop and being fixed on about the 4th of May!!! We had to find a mechanic to do the job. Luckily we had our neighbor who lives 2 houses away from us do it., Then we had to find a Engine and the parts.

1 comment:

Queen Mom said...

Oh, yeah, it stinks to be without transpo! I wanted to come by and thank you for listing Mommy Rantings on your blog. I noticed a little traffic coming from your blog and came over to check it out.

You rock!