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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here i am finally getting a chance to write my Christmas post. I did not mean to make that first sentence or few words sound all complaining and all because i'm not.

What can i say about Christmas ???

It was The Best Christmas of my life (At least my adult life). There is a reason for that. That reason being because it was mine & bryan's very first christmas together.
As many of you may know Bryan & I started talking online via a free communication weekend on eharmony.com back in May. Then we started talking on email, phone every day several times a day. He came up to meet me in person & visit the first weekend of August and stayed for a week. He came & arrived on the 6th and he proposed on the 9th of August.
We knew/know this is right & our relationship is called of God. We just "clicked" & "Hit it off". We have been spending the past 4 months plus getting to know eachother and getting used to eachother. I find myself falling in love with him more every day. And i know how much he loves me & knows it's true and that he is sincere.

I still get "goose bumps" & "Chills" when he put's his arms on my shoulder or around me and holds me, kisses me, and tells & expresses his love for me.

Anyhow back to Christmas....

This is our very first Christmas together & It was such a memorable & Special day.

We spent the morning here at home with our family. His mom, brother, and Bryan & I. Opened gifts & then got ready to go spend the rest of the day & evening with other family. We were invited over to his Aunt & Uncle's home where we got together with more friends & family. Had such yummy food (Ham & Finger foods)., So much food & fun. After awhile Bryan's mom & i went to pick up Shane (Bryan's nephew). Shane is Bryan's brother Greg's son. He will be with us for the week till the 2nd.
We came back to Bryan's uncle's house opened more gifts, visited, and just spent time with friends & family. His family is so very nice. They were/ and are so generous to Bryan and i. And myself. They made me feel so welcome and are so hospitable. Very thoughtful & sweet of them to include me in the family gift exchange(S).

When we came home we watched Shane open his Christmas Gifts from all of us here at the house.

I do not have pictures yet i have to get them developed. I will try to add some after i get them back.

I Love Bryan so much and his family. Extended family included. They already in so many ways and the ways that count are already in my family. Don't know what i would do without them.

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