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Sunday, December 11, 2011


With Christmas in 2 weeks from today. Bryan & I thought it was about time
that we went Christmas shopping. At least get a start.

You know if i would have had a camera with me then i could have taken a picture
of the crowds and "madness" (well semi madness) at Walmart last night.
When we got there and while looking for a parking spot. We noticed a Flat Bed Tow truck down one of the aisles working to hook a car up to the truck and on the Flat Bed. At first i thought it was just a simple tow because someone's car wouldn't start or something. Walking by going into the store i looked over and saw that a car was wrecked and earlier there was some kind of accident.

Anyhow inside there were people it seemed just about everywhere. But, in the end it wasn't that bad.

We were there shopping and what we had decided to do is focus on Other's.

We focused on MY FAMILY!- Bryan is such a sweetheart and he loves my nieces Kayla & Ashlee and Awesome/Handsome nephew Dakota. And we got something for there two awesome parents. Jared & Lindsay. And we also got a gift(S) for my MOM & DAD.

and a few other things. Bryan needed to get some items for the car.

We made a couple of other stops on the way home. And stopped at WENDY'S to pick up dinner for the family.

We went to get GAS also - So it was convienent that there was a WENDY'S combined at the same location of the GAS STATION.

While we were driving and actually as we were driving to WENDY'S (yes i remembered the location where we were at when the following statement was made by Bryan).

"I'm Excited for Jared & Lindsay to recieve the gifts we are going to send. I think they will be happy to get it. I'm so glad that we are able to get and provide these gifts for them (the kids included)." "And to be able to help other people & children out since that's what Christmas is about." "I can get what i need and want anytime."

I of course agreed with him. I didn't say much since i was listening. But, while he was inside paying for the GAS and then walking over to the other side to WENDY'S to order the food. I was waiting for him outside and while waiting for him & standing at the gas pump. I got thinking and i had the thought in my mind that says "You know what ? i really am the lucky one & i am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. " "He is RIGHT!!! giving to other's and helping others have a wonderful christmas is what it's all about."

You know before i always thought "I HAD A CLUE!" of what really christmas and the true meaning of christmas was. And in reality I DID! but, last night's experience and comments just testified to me again & reaffirmed to me what the true meaning of Christmas is.

I Love BRYAN SO VERY MUCH!!! and i look forward to and hope and pray we over the years continue to grow stronger and stronger in our relationship and love for eachother.

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