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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love Bryan so much. He means the world to me. I suppose i could probably go
on and on why and how i love him. I hope i do not bore you by listing the reasons.

1. He makes me Happy
2. He always expresses how much
he loves me & how important i am
3. When there is something on my mind - he can always tell
and he asks me "What's Wrong?" & even if i say "Oh nothing, it's not important".
he makes sure he let's me know how important and valuable my input and feelings are.
he reminds me of that by saying "Honey, yes it does matter... talk to me - let's talk about it".
4. He NEVER cuts me down or shuts me down
5. the "names" he addresses me by such as "Honey", "Sweetie" , "Sweetheart", "Sweetie- Pie", or "Baby"
6. Always makes sure i know how much he appreciates me & how much i'm appreciated
7. Always holds my hand
8. Always putting his arm around me & or holds me
9. Did i mention always telling me "I love you!" ??
10.When i am sad and especially when i cry... he is right there for me & to comfort me.
11. let's me know how much he needs me.
12. He's always encouraging me to be the best i can be
13. I make him HAPPY!!!
14. He's the happiest he's been in his life because of me - & has something to look forward and someone to look forward to come home to every day. (Sorry don't mean to sound concieded).

15. Tells me how proud of me he is ALWAYS
16. When something good happens and something exciting and happy- or even when
it's not "GOOD"! AND or I'M irritated, upset or something- he is the first person i call. (this one probably sounded lame) but, he is the first person i want to share things with.
17. A few expressions of his/ours that i like that he uses are
"You my love are beautiful", "Your my angel", "Your the best thing that has ever happened to me" and "I have been dreaming of you and waiting for you my whole life."

18. He tells me "When i look at you i see beauty & love"
19. I love how he looks at me and looks deep into my eyes and tells me he loves me & holds/puts his hands on my cheeks gives me a kiss.

If your still reading... and haven't got bored yet- YAY!!! Congratulations!!!

20.He is excited for the Holidays coming up especially Christmas this year. he says "I can't wait for Christmas this year & it being our first Christmas together."
21. We always try to pray together before he leaves for work
22. He always kisses me before he goes to work & when he comes home
23. He is so Gentle & Calm
24. He is so passionate in everything he does. He gives his ALL!
25. I love his Passion & Love for the Outdoors & Nature.
26. I'm so greatful for him & that he has taught me the love for fishing & the outdoors. I love you Honey!!!

27. He's very Loyal to Friends & Family.... Especially FAMILY!!
28. He Loves my Family (My Parents, Brother & His family including my sweet & adorable Nieces & Nephew).

29. He LOVES ME!!! SO MUCH!!!
30. He Loves Children
31. I Love how he calls me during the day & also sends me text messages during the
day showing & expressing his love for me.
32. He is so very protective of me and protects me
33. Lifts me up when i'm down (did i already mention that?)
34. He's STRONG (I think STRONG for the both of us).
35. "He's My "ROCK" and "Strength"
36. He can always make me laugh & Smile
37. We have laughed together & cried together - our struggles &
things we go through only make us stronger. (NOTE: when i wrote struggles it's NOT struggles with the relationship - just life struggles).

That's all for now... I do not want to bore you all. As i think of more i will add to this post/list. THANKS for reading!!!

**Well i am here - adding to this post - as when i finished i said i would add to it as i had thoughts come to my head.** So here i am again.. "So Enjoy The Ride!"

38. Gives the best massages
39. He is always telling me how & that he believes in me.
40. He always is telling me that I Deserve the best.


41. He says " I Love you more & more every day
42. He's my hero!!
43. He makes sure that when the opportunity presents itself that i am able
to see my family. He never wants to keep me away from my Family.
44. He's planning a nice road trip for the two of us for this weekend
down to San Antonio so we can see friends (my sister in law lindsay's family- and Jared & Lindsay and the kids) so Lindsay's family can meet him & we can go to the baptism of Kylie (my friend celeste's daughter & lindsay's niece). He says "Honey, this trip is for you-- & your trip!" - He loves me!!!

45. I always discover reasons every day of how much i love him & fall in love
with him more every day.


The Weed said...

Sounds like you guys are great for each other!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Awww thanks Josh! your a good friend. Hey can you message me your address for wedding invitations? also your mom and dad's address as well?

Deedles said...

I am so glad you guys are so happy! I'm so glad you've found your eternal companion! :)