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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Priesthood Power

"We have this priesthood power, and we should all be prepared to use it properly."
Dallin H. Oaks, "Healing the Sick," Ensign, May 2010, 48


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aren't these kids cute???

FHE- Spaghetti Dinner- 09/27/10

Monday night my Young Single Adult ward had Family home evening at the home of one of the member's of our bishopric/ and his wife brother and sister lopez. Actually we met, had family home evening and fun in their club house. It was so much fun.
I Love my ward!!! Thanks to everyone for all their work put into this activity and all our family activities and family home evenings. Especially Brother and Sister Lopez.

Moses and Brigham Young

"Moses and Brigham Young had much in common. They were astute followers before they became great leaders. Moses had been prepared in the courts of Egypt and had gained much experience in military and other responsibilities. Brigham Young was likewise prepared for his leadership role. In the march of Zion's Camp he had observed the leadership of the Prophet Joseph Smith under difficult conditions. Brigham Young aided in the removal of the Prophet Joseph from Kirtland. He also directed the move of the persecuted Saints from Missouri to Nauvoo."
Russell M. Nelson, "The Exodus Repeated," Ensign, July 1999, 9

Topics: Prophets, Pioneers

Dropping off the car to be fixed and picking up our rental car...

This morning was of sorts a busy one for us. As we picked up my mom's rental car and then drove up to Layton, Utah to drop off my mom's car at my "UNCLE BOB'S" house to be fixed. He does awesome car work for real reasonable prices and always makes sure our cars are running well and look good. Bob is my dad's best friend and they have been for over 35 years. He is like a brother to my dad.

Anyhow here are some pictures of the day's events and of sorts a "Virtual tour" of our cute rental car- a Chevy HHR. Really cute and i love it and want one for our family. I even told my dad that.

I hope i got all the pictures i took and that i didn't miss any. Also the pictures are in random order. Enjoy the show!!!

Generations Linked in Love

"Our inborn yearnings for family connections are fulfilled when we are linked to our ancestors through sacred ordinances of the temple."
Russell M. Nelson, "Generations Linked in Love," Ensign, May 2010, 92

Topics: Temple Work, Redeem the Dead

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As many of you may know-- lately i have been researching the possibility of going back 2 school. I am even considering and in the process of applying to Byu-Idaho and the other BYU campuses etc. I wanted to update you that tonight i went to meet with my bishop in my Young Single Adult ward as those are where my membership records are.
The meeting went well and my bishop will fill out the sections he needs to fill out as he will be recommending me and then passing it on to the Stake President. So i will likely be having a visit with the Stake President soon.

Before the meeting we started with a "word of prayer" and i asked my bishop to offer the prayer.
The prayer he gave was awesome and filled with such spirit and just wonderful. I will keep you posted.

Mothers Teaching Children in the Home

"I believe it is by divine design that the role of motherhood emphasizes the nurturing and teaching of the next generation."
L. Tom Perry, "Mothers Teaching Children in the Home," Ensign, May 2010, 31

Topics: Parenthood, Motherhood

Monday, September 27, 2010

Insurance Adjuster comes to visit... OH YAY WHAT A JOY!" NOT!!!

So as many of you may know that 1 week ago this morning (last Monday- September 20, 2010) while at my nephew Dakota's school taking a paper for him for picture day. Some "Genius" got wise and cute and decided that he/or she was not going to be paying attention to their driving and what they are doing and back into my mom's car, create $2000.00 in damage and drive off without even having the courtesy of either having us paged somehow or leaving a note and owning up to responsibility.

Here we are a week later and today the insurance adjuster comes and pays us a visit at our house and after 1 1/2 hours later and some pictures and things we are presented with documents regarding our claim and a Check to get the repairs started. We will recieve the rest of the funds after work has started and after they can see the rest of the extent of damage that they could not see today because of the damage being not so obvious and what i call "inner damage".

anyone who has knowledge in body work or related kind of things hopefully will know what i am talking about. But, for all of the rest of us-- what i mean by "inner damage" is damage not visible to the "blind eye" (to you and me). Hope i am not confusing anyone further.

Please feel free to direct questions.

That is where we are at in this process- meanwhile my mom get's a RENTAL CAR!! Getting to drive rental cars are always fun. We have that arranged through Enterprise and the insurance will also be paying for that as well as soon as we go drop mom's car off we can pick up the rental.

Will keep you all informed!!!

They Must Be Brought Here

"It was Sunday, October 5, 1856. On Saturday, the day before, a small group of missionaries returning from England arrived in the valley. They had been able to make relatively good time because their teams were strong and their wagons light. Franklin D. Richards was their leader. They immediately sought out President Brigham Young. They told him that hundreds of men, women, and children were scattered along the trail that led from the Missouri River to the Salt Lake Valley. Most of them were pulling handcarts, two companies of these, with two smaller companies following behind with ox teams and wagons. The first group was probably at this time in the area of Scotts Bluff, more than four hundred miles from their destination, with the others behind them. It was October, and they would be trapped in the snows of winter and perish unless help was sent."Brigham Young had known nothing of this. There was, of course, at that time no rapid means of communication. . . . The next morning, the Sabbath, he stood before the people in the Tabernacle and said:" 'I will now give this people the subject and the text for the Elders who may speak. . . . It is this. On the 5th day of October, 1856, many of our brethren and sisters are on the plains with handcarts, and probably many are now seven hundred miles from this place, and they must be brought here, we must send assistance to them. The text will be, "to get them here." . . . " 'That is my religion; that is the dictation of the Holy Ghost that I possess. It is to save the people.' "
Gordon B. Hinckley, "Our Mission of Saving," Ensign, Nov. 1991, 52

Topics: Sustaining Leaders, Pioneers

Friday, September 24, 2010

Prayer's and work....

We are at a end of another work. And we as a family have been very fortunate this week to have my dad work this week. He has actually been able to work all this week with the exception of today and tomorrow all week. He is back to work Sunday afternoon at 4 PM till midnight.

So we are asking and hoping for prayer's from all of you our friends and family that the work continues and continues and is consistant. If all of you as our friends and family will keep my dad and all of us as a family that the work will not be sparce and scarce and that it won't stop completley we would appreciate it and that he get's to work pretty well a Full work and get alot of shifts and hours.

Sorry if this is in anyway repetitive- sometimes this happens when i am nervous and or scared.

Institute Friday Devotional

Today was FRIDAY Devotional at Institute. The SLCC LDS Institute during the school year has Devotional's every Friday. They of course have different speaker's every week. Today we were honored and priviliged to hear from a member of the first quorum of the seventy.

we were honored to hear from Elder Christoffel Golden Jr

What a wonderful talk he gave- one thing from his talk that stood out for me was when he counseled the young women to get their education, move on with their lives and prepare to one day become wives and mother's.
while the men serve their missions and the guys to get education upon return from their mission.

Every Trial Is Necessary

"President Brigham Young offered the profound insight that at least some of our suffering has a purpose when he said:" 'All intelligent beings who are crowned with crowns of glory, immortality, and eternal lives must pass through every ordeal appointed for intelligent beings to pass through, to gain their glory and exaltation. Every calamity that can come upon mortal beings will be suffered to come upon the few, to prepare them to enjoy the presence of the Lord. . . . Every trial and experience you have passed through is necessary for your salvation' (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A Widtsoe [1954], 345). "We have much reason to hope. Joy can be ours if we are willing to sacrifice all for the Lord. Then we can look forward to the infinitely priceless possibility of overcoming all the challenges of this life. Then we will be with the Savior forever and, as President Brigham Young also said, "anticipate enjoying the glory, excellency and exaltation which God has prepared for the faithful' ("Remarks," Deseret News, May 31, 1871, 197)."
James E. Faust, "Where Do I Make My Stand?" Ensign, Nov. 2004, 18–21

Topics: Adversity, Faith

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FUN at Chuck a Rama and with Aunt Nelda...

Monday my mom and i met my Great and wonderful Aunt Nelda and picked her up at Front Runner. We hadn't had a lunch date and this kind of activity in such a long time so it was real good to see her. We went to Chuck a Rama - Aunt Nelda treated us to lunch. Which we were totally not expecting- Thanks Aunt Nelda for lunch and a wonderful visit. We love you!

Among the First Responders at Disasters

"This year marks 25 years since our humanitarian program became part of our welfare effort. The number of individuals assisted by this program could never adequately be measured. We will always strive to be among the first on the scene of disasters, wherever they may occur."
Thomas S. Monson, "Welcome to Conference," Ensign, May 2010, 4

Topics: Charity

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I started my Institute class today. My class i am taking this semester is the New testement. Although i am starting in the mid or after the semester has started i look forward to all i will learn.

My institute teacher for this class is Brother George Stoll which i am real excited about because Brother Stoll was also my Seminary teacher back at Cyprus High Seminary when i was a Junior. So it will be good to be in his class again after 12 years.

My teacher wasn't there today but, the chapter of the New Testament in which the class is at and we discussed today was John Chapter 2 - and it talks about the Celebration and marriage of Cana.

Here are the scriptural references and verses we talked and discussed today.

1 And the athird day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there:
2 And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage.
3 And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.
4 Jesus saith unto her, aWoman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.
5 His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.
6 And there were set there six waterpots of stone, after the manner of the apurifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.
7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.
8 And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it.
9 When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,

I am so glad to be apart of this class and am greatful for all the time, inspiration the teacher's put into their lessons and classes and for the spirit they have with them and that they are able to be close to the spirit.

I know i felt the spirit in this class. It's hard to explain the feeling and what i felt but, i know it was the spirit.

Qualifying for the Lord's Spirit

"Qualifying for the Lord's Spirit begins with a desire for that Spirit and implies a certain degree of worthiness. Keeping the commandments, repenting, and renewing covenants made at baptism lead to the blessing of always having the Lord's Spirit with us."
Julie B. Beck, "And upon the Handmaids in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit," Ensign, May 2010, 11

Topics: Commandments, Sacrament, Repentance

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So i am starting my institute class tomorrow. I am taking a new testament class at the SLCC (Salt Lake Community College- Redwood Campus) Institute. So exciting! i just had to write about it. I will try to write more tomorrow and tell all about it.

Wish me luck!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today is picture day at my nephew Dakota's school. And my mom and i "ran up" to the school to take some box top's and a extra copy of his picture pass for his pictures. Lindsay was there with the girls asking some questions to the photographer and i think she talked to his teacher as well.

Anyhow while we were in the school some "Big Shot!" who was driving their car and not paying attention to what they were doing.

They hit and backed into our car and left some "nice damage" and drove off.
This individual could not even be grown up enough to at least leave a note or get the plate number and go inside the school and have us paged.

They could have requested a page from the office and over the intercom to say something like "Attention students and parents would the owner of the car w/license plate number xxx xxx come to the front office?"

No, they drive off and have to be "chicken" about it.

here is our nice surprise

The one side of the trunk is messed up and uneven now- picture of the uneven trunk door.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ksl.com - Elder Dallin H. Oaks preaches protection of the Constitution

Please click on the link below to view the talk and video.

ksl.com - Elder Dallin H. Oaks preaches protection of the Constitution

A Welsh Convert

"Thomas Giles, a Welsh convert who joined the Church in 1844, . . . suffered much in his lifetime. He was a miner, and while he was digging coal in the mine, a large piece of coal hit him on the head and inflicted a wound nine inches long. The doctor who examined him said the injured man would not live longer than 24 hours. But then the elders came and administered to him. He was promised that he would get well, and that 'even if he would never see again, he would live to do much good in the Church.' Brother Giles did indeed live but was blind the rest of his life. Within a month of his injury 'he was out traveling through the country attending to his ecclesiastical duties.'"In 1856 Brother Giles and his family immigrated to Utah, but before he left his homeland, the Welsh Saints presented him with a harp, which he learned to play skillfully. At Council Bluffs he joined a handcart company and headed west. 'Though blind he pulled a handcart from Council Bluffs to Salt Lake City.' While crossing the plains his wife and two children died. 'His sorrow was great and his heart almost broken, but his faith did not fail him. In the midst of his grief he said as did one of old, "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord" ' (see Job 1:21). When Brother Giles arrived in Salt Lake City, President Brigham Young, who had heard his story, loaned Brother Giles a valuable harp until his own arrived from Wales. Brother Giles 'traveled from settlement to settlement in Utah, . . . gladdening the hearts of the people with his sweet music' (see Andrew Jenson, Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, 4 vols. [1901–36], 2:507–8)."
James E. Faust, "Where Do I Make My Stand?" Ensign, Nov. 2004, 20

Topics: Pioneers, Faith

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Testament Institute Class- SLCC

So, i know it's in the middle of the semester. But, last night i decided it's time to do something for myself. So i signed up online for a institute class at SLCC (Salt Lake Community College). It's the New Testament.
And the instructor is- his name is George Stoll. And if it's the George Stoll i am thinking of and know then it will be especially exciting for me as he was my Seminary teacher when i was a Junior in High School. He is a awesome teacher. My classes are on Monday's and Wednesday's at noon.
This week though i will not be able to make it to class on Monday as i have previous plans so i will go to class on Wednesday. I am so excited!!

Ye Have Done It unto Me

"Sometimes we feel that we are weak and lack the strength to rescue others, but the Lord reminds us, 'Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me' (Matthew 25:40)."
Koichi Aoyagi, "Helping Hands, Saving Hands," Ensign, May 2010, 37

Topics: Jesus Christ

Thursday, September 16, 2010


On Tuesday September 14th, 2010 was Panda Express' Guest appreciation day. The store located on 4000 W and approx 4600 South was the store that participated. They got a real awesome response and there were alot of people there however the lines moved real quick. So not bad at all. It was awesome to see all the employee's pull together so they could pull this event off.

They even had a Prize wheel you could spin after you made your purchases. I may have forgotten to mention that as part of Guest appreciation day the offer was Buy one Get one free (Buy one 2 or 3 entree meal) and get the other one free.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blocks of Granite

"As the foundation of the Salt Lake Temple was being laid, with footings sixteen feet wide, President Brigham Young discovered the workmen were using a soft stone. The work was halted, the soft stone taken out and replaced with giant blocks of granite. He declared: 'We are building this temple to stand through the millennium' (LeGrand Richards, Ensign, Dec. 1971, p. 81.) . . . "You Aaronic Priesthood holders are setting your personal foundation stones in place—stones of granite—character stones that hopefully will last forever. Your foundation stones should include principles taught by the Savior: of faith, prayer, obedience, honesty, truth, and accountability for your actions. And, of course, a keystone of your foundation will be the priesthood—the power and authority of God delegated to you to act in matters pertaining to salvation—with its accompanying obligations and blessings."You are a member of a quorum of the priesthood with officers of your peers—with duties, powers, and responsibilities. You are learning how Church members reach out to rescue and assist those who drift away or have a sorrow or a hurt. You are beginning to develop a sensitivity for Christlike service to others that brings joy to one's soul."God our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ determined—just imagine!—that Joseph Smith was old enough at fourteen to begin his instruction that would bring about the mighty work of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph saw the living God! He saw the living Christ! He was trusted with a heavenly task, and he completed it. You, too, are old enough to be trusted with ever-increasing tasks."
David B. Haight, "A Time for Preparation," Ensign, Nov. 1991, 37

Topics: Preparation

The Importance of Missionary Work

"Missionary work is the lifeblood of the Church and the lifesaving blessing to all who accept its message."
Ronald A. Rasband, "The Divine Call of a Missionary," Ensign, May 2010, 51

Topics: Missionary Work, Conversion

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun and Lunch with Dakota...

Today after school (Dakota's school) we were able to hang out with him for a couple of hours. We had planned to meet him at his school and pick him up. However he really loves to ride the bus. So he said "i want to ride the bus, i love the bus." So we followed the bus and met him at the bus stop. When he got there and JUMPED off the bus he was smiling and ran over to our car. He had so much fun and he was real talkative today. It was so fun to spend some quality time together. Here are some pictures i took while in the car and out and about. We also went to McD's and he got a happy meal and a ice cream sundae. We are so happy and proud of Dakota and he loved it and loved the movie his best friend and grandpa/bubba got him.

enjoy the slideshow and video clip i made....

Mature Spiritually

"In the marvelous experience of Brigham Young in February of 1847, when the Prophet Joseph appeared to him in a dream or vision, Brigham pleaded to be united with the Prophet. Brigham Young asked the Prophet if he had a message for the Brethren. The Prophet said:" 'Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and to be sure to keep the spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and not turn away the still small voice; it will teach them what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the Brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it.'"The Prophet further directed Brigham Young as follows: 'They can tell the Spirit of the Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, hatred, strife and all evil from their hearts; and their whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness and build up the kingdom of God.' (Manuscript History of Brigham Young: 1846–47, Historical Dept., The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, pp. 528–31.) . . ."I testify that as we mature spiritually under the guidance of the Holy Ghost, our sense of personal worth, of belonging, and of identity increases. I further testify that I would rather have every person enjoy the Spirit of the Holy Ghost than any other association, for they will be led by that Spirit to light and truth and pure intelligence, which can carry them back into the presence of God."
James E. Faust, "The Gift of the Holy Ghost—A Sure Compass," Ensign, May 1989, 33

Topics: Spirituality, Holy Ghost

Offering Spiritual Help Invites All to Come to Christ

"The Lord's work and glory truly is 'to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man' (Moses 1:39). Many around us need spiritual help. As we offer a saving hand to less-active members, to part-member families, and to those not of our faith, we invite all to 'come unto Christ.' "
Koichi Aoyagi, "Helping Hands, Saving Hands," Ensign, May 2010, 36

Topics: Jesus Christ, Fellowship

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday we had a Open House for a couple of my mom's friends and classmates from High School. Granger High Class of 69 - who has been recovering from surgeries and sickness. One of them lives in Indiana and the other one here in Kamas, Utah

It was fun and we are so glad we were able to see you both! TOM & Dee

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2001 - September 11, 2010 - 9 Years Later...

I want to dedicate the following post to all those who lost their lives and their family members and or loved ones on September 11, 2001! And express my love and condolences to them. And to all of us as AMERICAN'S the day we as a country lost our innocence and pretty much had our country taken away from us. Praying we all someday can get our country back.


My mom and i went out to Breakfast this morning with our friend Shanna. We all had coupon's that gave some sweet deals and prices on the breakfast buffet. Which was awesome so we went to try it out. And also to celebrate Shanna's birthday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shall Not Be Moved Out of Their Place

"During a very difficult time, the Lord gave the sternest warning that I know of in all scripture. It had to do with the building of the Nauvoo Temple. The Saints knew from experience that to proceed to build a temple would bring terrible persecution, so they delayed. The Lord extended the time and said, 'If you do not these things at the end of the appointment ye shall be rejected as a church, with your dead, saith the Lord your God' (D&C 124:32)."Often overlooked in that revelation is a marvelous promise: 'If my people will hearken unto my voice, and unto the voice of my servants whom I have appointed to lead my people, behold, verily I say unto you, they shall not be moved out of their place' (D&C 124:45)."Remember this promise; hold onto it. It should be a great comfort to those struggling to keep a family together in a society increasingly indifferent to, and even hostile toward, those standards which are essential to a happy family."The promise is a restatement of what the Lord told the multitude: 'Blessed are ye if ye shall give heed unto the words of these twelve whom I have chosen from among you to minister unto you, and to be your servants' (3 Ne. 12:1)."I repeat the promise that those who hearken to the voice of these men whom the Lord has raised up 'shall not be moved out of their place' (D&C 124:45)."But the promise was followed with this caution: 'But if they will not hearken to my voice, nor unto the voice of these men whom I have appointed, they shall not be blest' (D&C 124:46)."
Boyd K. Packer, "The Twelve Apostles," Ensign, Nov. 1996, 8

Topics: Obedience, Prophets

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My People Will I Preserve

"This is a troubled world. Discord and disaster are everywhere. It sometimes feels as though mankind itself may be hanging in the balance."Foreshadowing our day, the Lord said, 'The heavens shall shake, and also the earth; and great tribulations shall be among the children of men, but my people will I preserve' (Moses 7:61; emphasis added). We should take great comfort in this promise."
Keith B. McMullin, "Our Path of Duty," Ensign, May 2010, 13

Topics: Adversity, Peace, Hope

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help Us Feel Our Responsibility

"This August I walked in the footsteps of our pioneers along the Mormon Trail through Wyoming and Utah. I wondered why our dedicated ancestors suffered so terribly and yet willingly faced such tremendous obstacles. Perhaps one reason they sacrificed and endured was to leave a legacy of faith for all of us to help us feel our urgent responsibility to move forward in building up the Church throughout the world. We need the same dedication today in every one of our footsteps as the pioneers had in theirs."President Joseph F. Smith, who walked the pioneer trail to Utah as a nine-year-old boy, said in the April 1904 general conference, 'I firmly believe [that] the divine approval, blessing and favor of Almighty God . . . has guided the destiny of His people from the organization of the Church until the present . . . and guided us in our footsteps and in our journeyings into the tops of these mountains' (in Conference Report, Apr. 1904, 1). Our pioneer ancestors sacrificed virtually all they had, including their lives in many cases, to follow a prophet of God to this chosen valley."
M. Russell Ballard, "Faith in Every Footstep," Ensign, Nov. 1996, 23

Topics: Example, Pioneers

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe...

My mom is a member of the Mimi's Cafe e-club and since here birthday is this month. She got a coupon treating her to $10 off of a purchase of $20 or more. So friday we went out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe and we loved it and had fun. Their food is so filling and worth the money.

Here are some "random" pictures- Enjoy!!!

Using the Past to Prepare for the Future

"There is something about reviewing the lessons of the past to prepare us to face the challenges of the future. What a glorious legacy of faith, courage, and ingenuity those noble early Mormon pioneers have left for us to build upon. . . ."Embracing the gospel resulted in a complete change of life for them."
L. Tom Perry, "The Past Way of Facing the Future," Ensign, Nov. 2009, 74

Topics: Pioneers, Conversion, Courage

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day...

Happy Labor Day everyone. Hoping this holiday and day finds you well, safe, and happy.

Today for Labor Day my mom and dad and i went over to my Brother and Sister in law's house to have a little picnic with all of them and my 2 cute little nieces. We missed Dakota today as he spent the day with his mom.

Here are some pictures... Happy Labor Day everyone...

Those are just a few that i will be posting as i do not want to overwhelm or bore anyone.

Martin Harris

"Having a special interest in Martin Harris, I have been saddened at how he is remembered by most Church members. He deserves better than to be remembered solely as the man who unrighteously obtained and then lost the initial manuscript pages of the Book of Mormon."When the Book of Mormon was published, Martin Harris was nearly 47 years of age, more than 20 years older than Joseph Smith and the other two witnesses. He was a prosperous and respected citizen of Palmyra, New York. He owned a farm of over 240 acres, large for the time and place. He was an honored veteran of two battles in the War of 1812. His fellow citizens entrusted him with many elective offices and responsibilities in the community. He was universally respected for his industry and integrity. Assessments by contemporaries described him as 'an industrious, hard-working farmer, shrewd in his business calculations, frugal in his habits,' and 'strictly upright in his business dealings' (quoted in Richard Lloyd Anderson, Investigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses [1981], 96–97, 98)."This prosperous and upright older man befriended the young and penniless Joseph Smith, giving him the $50 that permitted him to pay his debts in Palmyra and locate in northeastern Pennsylvania about 150 miles away. There, in April 1828, Joseph Smith began his first persistent translation of the Book of Mormon."
Dallin H. Oaks, "The Witness: Martin Harris," Ensign, May 1999, 36

Topics: Restoration, Book of Mormon

No Fear of the Future

"I bear witness of the power of the priesthood given to the Church to protect us and guide us. And because we have that, we have no fear of the future. Fear is the opposite of faith. We move forward, certain that the Lord will watch over us, particularly in the family."
Boyd K. Packer, "The Power of the Priesthood," Ensign, May 2010, 10

Topics: Faith, Family, Priesthood Keys

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Progress... Things happening in Magna...

I wrote about months ago on my old blog which i do not have access to anymore (long story) about changes going on in Magna including the demolishing of the Old Smiths on 3500 South that has been vacant since about 2003. Attached to the Smiths was where many years ago used to be a Dairy Queen. Other changes include the building and groundbreaking of a New Senior Citizen Center (which is already opened and operating), The groundbreaking and building of a brand new state of the art Library which is nearing completion., the closing, and demolishing of the old taco time right on 8400 W and 2700 South and the announcement of a Brand New Holiday Oil.

Well here is progress of some of what's going on.. The Brand new Holiday Oil is really moving along and progressing and which should be done and or opened soon. Here are a couple of pictures.

HOLIDAY OIL coming to Magna....

Happy Birthday MOM.... Mom's Birthday Dinner...

On Thursday September 2nd was my mom's birthday. We had alot of fun that day.

A real good gift my mom got was the fact that my dad had a Day off. He hasn't had many of those lately. That night we went out to dinner. We went to Dinner at Golden Corral.

That place is so Yummy...

My mom got in the mail a Gift Card from a rebate from when she got her cell phone a couple of months ago.

She was excited to use that for dinner. Not that we wouldn't have had the money otherwise. It's just nice to not have to spend money of your own sometimes when you can have free money.

Anyhow it was fun...

She got numerous greetings from friends and family on Facebook. Also alot of calls from family member's and friends. Thanks to all that called, emailed and made mom's birthday very special. My sister in law Lindsay's wonderful and awesome family (parent's, and brother and new sister in law) called "All the way from Montana where they live and sang to her in a answering machine message. Thanks to the Montana Clayton's and to everyone.

Here is pictures i took (Just a few) from when we went out to Dinner on Thursday night September 2nd. The Crew at Golden Corral even sang to her as well.


Are you Still reading ??? If so congratulations...

Here is some more fun from Golden Corral!!!

The Last but surely not the least...

The Celebrating Continues....

As many of you may know we started celebrating my mom's birthday Last Friday August 27th, 2010! i have blogged about here party we had with friends and family. Thanks again to all who called, came, sent cards and gifts. You can see the slideshow of pictures in the previous post. I believe it's dated August 27th!! Anyhow ever since then the celebrating continued.

On the 1st of September the day before mom's actual birthday we went out to Lunch at Rubio's Mexican resturaunt. We liked it. We did that for my birthday. My mom got a free lunch compliments of rubio's because it was her birthday. They have this cool E-club she is a member of.


More Fun at Rubio's....

My Visit to Utah Career College- Now known as Broadview University

On Friday i went to visit and tour Broadview University formerly known as Utah Career College.

I went investigating their Medical Field Program's. And to check out the school and what they have to offer. The visit went very well and it was very productive.

As many of you may know i have lately been really wanting to go back to school.

And have really for the past 11 years. But, every other time it just didn't seem right and there has been things i have had to take care of in my life. And as of right now this seem's like the perfect time. Let's hope it stay's that way.

Ultimately i want to go into Nursing.. Maybe even a Labor and Delivery Nurse who knows.

Here are some pictures from my visit.. And i promise to keep you all informed as to my progress. I Hope if i get back into school i will have my Heavenly Father's spirit and blessings over me to help me succeed, do well, complete and finish and Graduate. I Hope i am smart enough.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Marched On to This Valley

"I am only of the third generation in the Church. My grandfather as a boy was baptized in the summer of 1836 in Ontario, Canada. His widowed mother eventually brought her two boys to Springfield, Illinois. From there, my grandfather walked to Nauvoo where he listened to the Prophet Joseph Smith. When the exodus of our people occurred in 1846, he was an eighteen-year-old youth of strength and capacity and faith. He was a skilled builder of wagons and a blacksmith. He was among those whom President Young requested remain for a time in Iowa to assist those still on the westward trail. He married in 1848, and set out for this valley in the spring of 1850."Somewhere along that wearisome trail, his young wife sickened and died. With his own hands he dug a grave, split logs to make a coffin, lovingly buried her, then tearfully took their eleven-month-old child in his arms and marched on to this valley."He was among those who repeatedly was called by President Young to undertake a variety of difficult assignments incident to the establishment of our people in these mountain valleys. He served as president of the Millard Stake of Zion when there were only a handful of stakes, and when it included a vast area of central Utah, traveling thousands of miles by horse and buggy in the discharge of his ministry. He gave so generously of his substance in the establishment of schools that his once substantial estate was small at the time of his death."
Gordon B. Hinckley, "This Is the Work of the Master," Ensign, May 1995, 69–70

Topics: Pioneers, Example

Orson Hyde

"Before Joseph Smith was killed, he dispatched a Jewish apostle by the name of Orson Hyde to dedicate the land of Palestine for the return of the Jews. This concern for a homeless people and the sending of this apostle was done at a time when the Mormons themselves were virtually homeless, having been dispossessed of their lands and possessions in Missouri. "Orson Hyde left on his assignment in the fall of 1840. He arrived in Palestine in October 1841. On October 24, 1841, he ascended the Mount of Olives all alone, built an altar to the Lord, and offered a dedicatory prayer."
Ezra Taft Benson, "A Message to Judah from Joseph," Ensign, Dec. 1976, 68

Topics: Prophets

Learning to Wait

"Patience—the ability to put our desires on hold for a time—is a precious and rare virtue. We want what we want, and we want it now. Therefore, the very idea of patience may seem unpleasant and, at times, bitter."Nevertheless, without patience, we cannot please God; we cannot become perfect."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Continue in Patience," Ensign, May 2010, 56

Topics: Discipleship, Enduring to the End

Follow Inspired Instruction

"I promise each of you, as you follow inspired direction in this, the true Church of Jesus Christ, that our youth and we who help and love them can be delivered safely to our home with Heavenly Father and the Savior to live in families and in joy forever."
Henry B. Eyring, "Help Them on Their Way Home," Ensign, May 2010, 25

Topics: Heavenly Father, , Youth

Church Growth

"The Church continues to grow and to move forward. The building of temples is an indication of such growth. . . . We will continue to build temples throughout the world as our membership grows. Each year millions of ordinances are performed in the temples for our deceased loved ones. May we continue to be faithful in performing such ordinances for those who are unable to do so for themselves."
Thomas S. Monson, "Welcome to Conference," Ensign, May 2010, 4

Topics: , Temple Work

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Utah Career College/Broadview University

I went to UCMT today and now tomorrow i will be visiting Utah Career College now known as Broadview University. To check out their Massage Therapy program and other program's i am really interested in. I am hoping that will go well and hopefully i can from there make some decisions and "pin point" where i want to go and what i want to do etc. Wish me luck! i will keep you informed.

My Visit to UCMT today and update....

Today i went to visit and tour the Utah and Salt Lake Campus of UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy). I have a few pictures of course they were taken on the way inside the building. I did not take any inside as i did not know the rules as far as that. Anyhow the visit was very productive and i really enjoyed it. I took my mom for Support. And while the information was very overwhelming i also found it to be useful. Just hope i remember everything. I met several nice people. So i will be praying about this and then proceeding from there. If i decide to enroll then i will have an actual appointment which lasts about a hour and in that hour and by the end of that hour i will know if and what i qualify and are approved for as far as financial aid. If i go to UCMT!!! I hope and pray i will do well on all my learning, tests etc. That i won't FAIL or have any incomplete's and that i will be successful and finish and graduate. I will keep you all informed.

Here are a few random pictures i took...


I want to dedicate this post to my wonderful mother. Marilyn Gail Jensen Richhart. Mom was born on September 2, 1951 at St. Marks Hospital to my two wonderful grandparents Wayne Lowell Jensen & Wilma Davis. She is the oldest of 3 Children. There is her, my uncle larry & my uncle paul who joined the family.

My mom grew up in Magna, Utah and went to Webster & Magna Elementary and Brockbank Jr. High. She started Highschool when the family moved from Magna to Granger, Utah (Now known as West Valley City, Utah around 1965/6.

She Graduated Granger High in the Class of 1969 and went off to Snow College and after 2 years she graduated w/an associates degree (can't remember the area of study- sorry mom).

She then went on to Utah State University and 2 years after that she recieved her Bachelor's degree (i believe) and if i remember right she did some graduate work/courses at BYU.

She met my dad while in Mormon Youth Chorus he was a member as well. They were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on January 12, 1978- They started their family and Jared my brother joined the family on November 10, 1979 a few weeks early.

I think he was due around thanksgiving. I joined the Family on June 26, 1981 a week early i was due July 1st.

Over the years she with my dad raised a wonderful family and some of her proudest moments include mine and jared's baptism, jared recieving the aaronic and melchezidek preisthood, jared going on a mission, mine and jared's graduations from High School, Jared getting married in the temple and being a grandma to her three pride and Joy's - Dakota born March 2005, Kayla July 2007 and Ashlee April 2009!

Happy Birthday Mom! we love you! I am sure she misses my grandma and grandpa Jensen today and wishes they were still able to be here with us as do i.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Tomorrow i am going to visit UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy) as i have been working towards going back to school for quite sometime now. I am going to go visit the school, tour, get information and or visit with financial aid and see what my options are and to determine if this learning institution is a good fit for me. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck...

ksl.com - Firefighters gather to help brother in need

This is a New story featuring one of my mom's classmates from High School. His name is Dee Putnam. He had Surgery and had several complications but, is on his way to recovery. You can get the whole story by watching and reading this story. He works for the Unified Fire Department.

ksl.com - Firefighters gather to help brother in need

ksl.com - BYU formally announces football independence

BYU announcing that they are going INDEPENDENT!!! YAY!!!

ksl.com - BYU formally announces football independence

ksl.com - BYU formally announces football independence

BYU announcing that they are going INDEPENDENT!!! YAY!!!

ksl.com - BYU formally announces football independence

The Granger High Class of 69 Village People..

This is a "SWEEEET!" video it is from my mom's High School Summer class reunion party they had this last saturday on the 28th! enjoy!!!