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Thursday, September 2, 2010


I want to dedicate this post to my wonderful mother. Marilyn Gail Jensen Richhart. Mom was born on September 2, 1951 at St. Marks Hospital to my two wonderful grandparents Wayne Lowell Jensen & Wilma Davis. She is the oldest of 3 Children. There is her, my uncle larry & my uncle paul who joined the family.

My mom grew up in Magna, Utah and went to Webster & Magna Elementary and Brockbank Jr. High. She started Highschool when the family moved from Magna to Granger, Utah (Now known as West Valley City, Utah around 1965/6.

She Graduated Granger High in the Class of 1969 and went off to Snow College and after 2 years she graduated w/an associates degree (can't remember the area of study- sorry mom).

She then went on to Utah State University and 2 years after that she recieved her Bachelor's degree (i believe) and if i remember right she did some graduate work/courses at BYU.

She met my dad while in Mormon Youth Chorus he was a member as well. They were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on January 12, 1978- They started their family and Jared my brother joined the family on November 10, 1979 a few weeks early.

I think he was due around thanksgiving. I joined the Family on June 26, 1981 a week early i was due July 1st.

Over the years she with my dad raised a wonderful family and some of her proudest moments include mine and jared's baptism, jared recieving the aaronic and melchezidek preisthood, jared going on a mission, mine and jared's graduations from High School, Jared getting married in the temple and being a grandma to her three pride and Joy's - Dakota born March 2005, Kayla July 2007 and Ashlee April 2009!

Happy Birthday Mom! we love you! I am sure she misses my grandma and grandpa Jensen today and wishes they were still able to be here with us as do i.

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