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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Progress... Things happening in Magna...

I wrote about months ago on my old blog which i do not have access to anymore (long story) about changes going on in Magna including the demolishing of the Old Smiths on 3500 South that has been vacant since about 2003. Attached to the Smiths was where many years ago used to be a Dairy Queen. Other changes include the building and groundbreaking of a New Senior Citizen Center (which is already opened and operating), The groundbreaking and building of a brand new state of the art Library which is nearing completion., the closing, and demolishing of the old taco time right on 8400 W and 2700 South and the announcement of a Brand New Holiday Oil.

Well here is progress of some of what's going on.. The Brand new Holiday Oil is really moving along and progressing and which should be done and or opened soon. Here are a couple of pictures.

HOLIDAY OIL coming to Magna....

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