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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Visit to Utah Career College- Now known as Broadview University

On Friday i went to visit and tour Broadview University formerly known as Utah Career College.

I went investigating their Medical Field Program's. And to check out the school and what they have to offer. The visit went very well and it was very productive.

As many of you may know i have lately been really wanting to go back to school.

And have really for the past 11 years. But, every other time it just didn't seem right and there has been things i have had to take care of in my life. And as of right now this seem's like the perfect time. Let's hope it stay's that way.

Ultimately i want to go into Nursing.. Maybe even a Labor and Delivery Nurse who knows.

Here are some pictures from my visit.. And i promise to keep you all informed as to my progress. I Hope if i get back into school i will have my Heavenly Father's spirit and blessings over me to help me succeed, do well, complete and finish and Graduate. I Hope i am smart enough.

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