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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dropping off the car to be fixed and picking up our rental car...

This morning was of sorts a busy one for us. As we picked up my mom's rental car and then drove up to Layton, Utah to drop off my mom's car at my "UNCLE BOB'S" house to be fixed. He does awesome car work for real reasonable prices and always makes sure our cars are running well and look good. Bob is my dad's best friend and they have been for over 35 years. He is like a brother to my dad.

Anyhow here are some pictures of the day's events and of sorts a "Virtual tour" of our cute rental car- a Chevy HHR. Really cute and i love it and want one for our family. I even told my dad that.

I hope i got all the pictures i took and that i didn't miss any. Also the pictures are in random order. Enjoy the show!!!


Deedles said...

That is a super cute car! Love it! Glad you guys are getting yours fixed! :)

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

We also are glad to be getting the car fixed as well. My mom and i were driving around tonight and were doing some errands tonight. And it is super cute. And i said "Someday i would love to buy a Chevy HHR!"