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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2001 - September 11, 2010 - 9 Years Later...

I want to dedicate the following post to all those who lost their lives and their family members and or loved ones on September 11, 2001! And express my love and condolences to them. And to all of us as AMERICAN'S the day we as a country lost our innocence and pretty much had our country taken away from us. Praying we all someday can get our country back.


Anonymous said...

We still have our country and it's standing strong, it was never lost. I think september 11th 2001 made our country stronger then ever before!!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

I guess what i meant by loosing our country and it being lost is because of the terrorist attacks that was committed against our country on that day. Hopefully in 2012 we can do more to preserve our country by electing a president/presidency who is not traitorous in anyway and who is not eager to sell the country down the river etc. like the current presidency.