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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Visit to UCMT today and update....

Today i went to visit and tour the Utah and Salt Lake Campus of UCMT (Utah College of Massage Therapy). I have a few pictures of course they were taken on the way inside the building. I did not take any inside as i did not know the rules as far as that. Anyhow the visit was very productive and i really enjoyed it. I took my mom for Support. And while the information was very overwhelming i also found it to be useful. Just hope i remember everything. I met several nice people. So i will be praying about this and then proceeding from there. If i decide to enroll then i will have an actual appointment which lasts about a hour and in that hour and by the end of that hour i will know if and what i qualify and are approved for as far as financial aid. If i go to UCMT!!! I hope and pray i will do well on all my learning, tests etc. That i won't FAIL or have any incomplete's and that i will be successful and finish and graduate. I will keep you all informed.

Here are a few random pictures i took...

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