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Monday, September 27, 2010

Insurance Adjuster comes to visit... OH YAY WHAT A JOY!" NOT!!!

So as many of you may know that 1 week ago this morning (last Monday- September 20, 2010) while at my nephew Dakota's school taking a paper for him for picture day. Some "Genius" got wise and cute and decided that he/or she was not going to be paying attention to their driving and what they are doing and back into my mom's car, create $2000.00 in damage and drive off without even having the courtesy of either having us paged somehow or leaving a note and owning up to responsibility.

Here we are a week later and today the insurance adjuster comes and pays us a visit at our house and after 1 1/2 hours later and some pictures and things we are presented with documents regarding our claim and a Check to get the repairs started. We will recieve the rest of the funds after work has started and after they can see the rest of the extent of damage that they could not see today because of the damage being not so obvious and what i call "inner damage".

anyone who has knowledge in body work or related kind of things hopefully will know what i am talking about. But, for all of the rest of us-- what i mean by "inner damage" is damage not visible to the "blind eye" (to you and me). Hope i am not confusing anyone further.

Please feel free to direct questions.

That is where we are at in this process- meanwhile my mom get's a RENTAL CAR!! Getting to drive rental cars are always fun. We have that arranged through Enterprise and the insurance will also be paying for that as well as soon as we go drop mom's car off we can pick up the rental.

Will keep you all informed!!!

1 comment:

Deedles said...

Thank heavens for insurance! It is the best ever! :)