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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Davis....

I am a couple of weeks behind. But, i did not want anymore time to go by without blogging about this. My cousin Allen Davis returned home from serving a honroable mission in The Fresno California Mission. He spoke and returned from his mission in church in his family ward on October 17th, 2010! what a wonderful talk and opportunity to see him again. We heard from another family friend of ours who is in their stake., that Elder Allen Davis' talk was one of the best missionary talks he has heard from anyone and that even includes his own son's. What a tribute to the missionary and his experiences in the mission field and to his leaders before his mission and during his mission and also his parents.

So it was my mom, myself, and my uncle paul who was there from our family that day. I am glad we all were able to go.

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