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Friday, October 29, 2010

Faith in Humanity...

Today we actually got a early start today. Mom and i decided to get a early start and spend the morning just having fun and "Playing". We went down to The District in South Jordan which is located off of 11400 South and Bangerter Hwy. We went to Seagull book and tape, Target etc.

We also went browsing and was intending on getting a few items at DI (Yes DI- I love going there and finding bargains). Imagine my surprise when i am at the checkout line and could not find the debit card. Well at first do you think i thought anything of it? No my only thought was that i had accidently left it in the car. lEAVE IT IN THE CAR? Yeah right! i wish. So at that point i am thinking it's gone and lost and i start freaking out. So i call Target and low and behold my "heart attack" is to be short lived because they had the Debit card turned it. Whew!!!

We go back down to the District and pick it up. And the nice Guest services lady informs us that the nice and honest lady who found it when it fell on the ground in the parking lot. Brought it back inside and went the extra mile and was and is very honest and even called our credit union to inform them that she had found it and would be turning it into Guest Services at Target.

So there still is or should i say i have another reason to have my faith in humanity renewed.

To the nice honest lady who turned it in- wherever you are or whoever you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for your honesty and turning in our card and calling our bank.

1 comment:

Tennant Family said...

Wow! That IS impressive. In this day and age, that's not necessarily how things go in such situations. Someone was really looking out for you that day. Karma will bless both you and the lady who turned in your card.s