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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ladies Night @ Deseret Book- Valley Fair Mall- 10/02/2010

Last night my mom and i went to Ladies night at Deseret Book located in the Valley Fair Mall. I will say this- i was glad we were able to go. That being said and while i do not usually write negative experiences (at least not usually) on my blog. I do have to say that i was Really disappointed in the experience i had.

Here is why...
Ladies night was supposed to start @ 6:00 PM so we trusted that things would not get started till then. However the employee's of the Valley Fair Mall Deseret Book store decided to start handing out the free gift/or ticket's for the free gift at 5:30 PM

"Hello, that's not 6 PM!" Please know that it's not the gift. It's the principle of the matter. And when you say something starts at a certain time "In my book that means and includes- not handing out the gifts till that said start time. "

Other things included the fact that their air conditioning unit was broken or half broken (if there is such a thing) so they were operating on only 1/2 of capacity (if you will)., They had a couple of items on sale for a real good price and did not order enough or at least put a limit per customer on how many can be purchased due to the crowds. Needless to say they ran out of a few things. When people were done either shopping and or winning a prize there was to many people just taking up space in the store. It seemed to me that there were several aspects and how the whole event was disorganized.

Don't get me wrong i love Deseret Book! i just think and feel things can be more organized or handled better or whatever when there are big events such as this. I think they maybe need to expand their store as well. Kind of outgrowing it.
I have a idea- expand and work something out with Deseret Book corporate and the management of the mall (Valley Fair) and move into the Old Mervyn's store. That would be way enough room and they could have two levels. And it would serve the customer's so much better.

On the positive side- they were having alot of awesome deals and sales and the refreshments were very delicious.

for example we bought a plaque (you know one of those that has those awesome sayings on them).

That reads

"The Magic of Christmas- is not in the Presents but, in his Presence".

It is regularly priced at $7.95 we got it for 20% off and with us being a platinum rewards member we only paid $6.40 - Yes, it pay's to shop at Deseret Book.

And i did take some pictures. Enjoy!!!

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