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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Donnetta and Gregory

Yesterday my mom and i drove down to Sanpete county to Mt Pleasant and Spring City. As one of my Richhart cousin's got married. We were so excited to go and from what i hear she was glad and happy to have us at her wedding. The wedding was held in Spring City in a beautiful "OLD BARN"!! She was a beautiful bride and i know her and her new husband will be very happy.
It was good to see family again - because of where we live we do not or i do not get to see my Richhart cousin's and family all that often.

Congrats Donnetta and Greg- thanks for inviting us! everything was beautiful.

1 comment:

Deedles said...

Looks like fun! She looked very beautiful. So nice of you guys to drive so far to be there. :)