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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kate's Blessing- a name and a blessing

today was a very special day in my family. My cousin Jeremy and his cute wife invited all the family to witness the baby blessing of their beautiful baby girl Kate Olivia Jensen. Kate was born August 24th, 2010.

We all went to their beautiful new home afterwards for a get together with Janelle's family and our family (The Jensen side of the family). My mom and i were not able to actually be at the sacrament meeting as we were watching Dakota in his primary program. But, we drove down to Spanish fork at around 11:45 AM when Dakota's program was nearing the end. And met everyone at my cousin's home.

It was especially exciting as we got to meet Brad's (Jeremy's brother) fiancee Karen. Brad and Karen were there and they will be getting married in about 6 weeks we are happy for them.

here are pictures from the special day...

Jeremy and Janelle, thank you so much for inviting us and for the opportunity to meet your little girl and share your special day.
We love you all!

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