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Friday, February 3, 2012


Yes the day has come where we had the need to get a "NEW" Car. Well it's "NEW" to us. The vehicle bryan had been using. His mom's 1988 Dodge Dynasty. Finally died and went to car heaven. The steering column completely gone., Brakes going out and it is unsafe to drive. Anyhow we got a referral from some friends of ours who recently got a sweeet blue ford expedition just before christmas. Because there vehicle "Went south". It's from a Independent- small dealer. They depending on the car only require $300 down and you can pay weekly or bi-weekly. Bryan went looking and he picked out a Black 1993 Honda Accord EX. It's a standard. We love the car., He loves the car. Went after work. Well he got off early and we went down and got the car. I will try to get pictures taken. But, we love it. has some kinks but, nothing major. We are getting them worked out.

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