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Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Date....

So Bryan & I couldn't go out on Valentines as it was a couple of days before Payday,

After work last night & after we went and made the car payment. We were diving around in Richardson & into Allen. I said "Where are we going Honey ?" to which he said "I don't know!" ha ha ha !! he's so funny.. I Just love him and he says that usually to be "funny", or "When he has something up his sleeve" and or a "Suprise!"

So we are driving along around in Allen. And we go to this shopping center right?
And i saw a Italian resturaunt. But, i didn't think nothing of it i thought we were goig to one of the other stores or something. So we park and he's like "C'mon let's go!"

So were walking through the parking lot & we walk into this nice Italian resturaunt.

The food was delicious., Te resturaunt staff was quick, accurate, swift. And very polite.

Bryan is so very good to me. Sometimes he feels bad because he feels he don't do enough for me and such. I Know he wants to and he does what he can. And it's fine.

I really am th lucky one to have someone who loves, adores, cherish's me and is so very good to me like Bryan is.

I Love him so much!!!

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