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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today i woke up sick. I think i am coming down with the Flu. Anyhow i went to the store to get some medicine and something to eat. Here is what i came out with.

Today was also Smiths' Customer appreciation/ holiday open house. They have them every year around this time year.
This week i had also recieved my fresh value rewards check for the last cycle. I had earned $16.00 due to all my awesome shopping over the last 3 months. We recieved triple bonus points if we brought our holiday open house postcard in with attached coupon to it. I got in on the 10 item mega deal with gives a instant $5 off for every ten participating item purchase, they have a special of if you purchase 2 Sarah lee or Mrs Fields pumpkin pie you get a free cool whip and other deals. So the result is we got $40 worth of groceries minus coupons, the 10 item mega deal savings, and our fresh values rewards certificate etc. we paid for all our items only $7.48 and in the process recieved a fuel rewards certificate that was loaded to our fresh values card., and the bottom reciept indicated savings of $50.91 - not to bad eh ?

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