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Thursday, November 25, 2010

15 Things I am greatful for...

Since today is thanksgiving i thought i would create a Top 100 list of what i am thankful for. I hope in the process i do not put any of you to sleep. Or become obnoxious or anything. With that said here is some of what i am grestful for.

1. To live in a country where i am allowed and free to express my feelings, freedom of religion etc.
2.A Father who has the preisthood and lives and honors it
3.A Brother who has the preisthood and live and honors it
4.Both a father and brother who works real hard to provide for and takes such good care of their families
5. A warm home to live in
6. A Warm bed to sleep in
7. FRIENDS- They are so special and important to me (You all know who you are- I love you all)!!!
8. FAMILY- who i love and who i know loves me (Immediate and extended family) I love all of you.
9. My Health
10.Beautiful Music playing on the radio right now (Christmas music) and the freedom to choose what i listen to and watch
11. My Awesome Sister in law
12. My Nieces and Nephew (Kayla, Dakota, and Ashlee- Aunt Heidi loves you very much)
13. The Gospel
14. My membership in the only true church (The LDS Church)
15. all my friends and relatives who have served a LDS mission (you all know who you are- immediate and extended family)

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