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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Forgot to mention

I was at Smith's on i think it was Thursday. Anyhow Toy Story 3 came out this week or last week. Can't keep track anymore. Anyways they had a sweet special running for the movie.

The deal is as follows:

When you purchase the Toy Story 3 dvd or blue ray combo pack you get a 5 pack of Kraft Mac and Cheese and a 10 count package of Capri Sun for FREE (Which is equivilent to $6 off). **Note to get the savings you have to use your fresh values card (either scan your card or keytag) or enter your phone number on the credit/debit card machine or touch the alternate id button on the screen at u-scan.

So we bought the Blue Ray combo pack for $29.99 - $6.00 off (I.E. Free Mac and Cheese and Capri Sun), - another $8.00 off (i scored a coupon for this movie off the internet) = getting the DVD COMBO PACK, MAC AND CHEESE, AND CAPRI SUN for a total of $ 17.00


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