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Saturday, August 21, 2010


My mom had her whole set of key's stolen at the BYU bookstore today. Such a frustrating day or afternoon. I added a post on the Provo/Orem Craigslist page in hopes of having them returned and reaching alot of people and i am doing the same here. Please spread the word.

here is the listing

Hi, My mom and i were down at BYU- Provo Campus in the Wilkinson Center. We went from our car in the parking lot into the Byu Bookstore purchased some items, paid for them, and then the nex thing we knew they had been taken. We looked in our car, the parking lot, in the store and around the Wilkinson center and area surrounding the Bookstore and no one really was of help to us or interested in helping. Including the employees of the bookstore. We spent 3-4 hours till close to 8 PM down there when finally another family member came to help.

Please whoever took them please be honest and turn them into lost and found, customer service in the book store and or the information desk in the Wilkinson center on the 1st floor or email me at the address listed and put key's in the subject line call my mom's cell phone @ 1-801-663-6382 and leave a message if necessary so we can arrange a pick up or give our address so you can send them to us. PLEASE!! We do not care we just want the key's back.

A description is as follows:

Purple (kind of wristband like you can put on your hand/arm) Keychain, Montana "KEY" Chain (It's in a shape of a key and looks like a key)(it has a pink heart in the center that has the word Montana on it- Paint is wearing off), Minnie House Key, Smiths Rewards key tags, maverik keytag, hallmark keytag, a key to a gate, shed etc.

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