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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Reunion 2010!! Davis Around the World...

This past weekend was My Family Reunion - The Davis Family Reunion.. I think we did my Great Great Grandparents- Roy P Davis & Mary Catherine Graves Davis proud. They are the reason and the one's who started it all and the reason we have these reunions. I hope and pray they continue on for many many many years and "FOREVER!" and that they never end. That would be sad and a tragedy. But, enough of my soapbox.

It was real fun and i can't wait for next year. My family is in charge YAY!

we had a theme of Davis around the world! and each family did a presentation on different countries. In my slideshow you will find that there are pictures that not many family member's have and one of my great aunts who passed away as a baby. and Maps etc. those were part of the presentations.

The Reunion Invite...

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