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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Granger High Class of 69 Summer Reunion & Bash....

Yesterday was my mom's High School class summer reunion and "Bash"! they had their big 40th Class reunion last summer and the class wants to "keep the class together" and the "connection's alive". So now the class and or ladies of the glass get's together quite often now. Yes i know it's weird that i hang out with my mom's friends but, i think i have pretty much been "adopted" to their class (not in the literal sense or anything). These are such wonderful people and my mom's friends any friends of my mom are friends of mine. One of the classmates is a very talented singer and has a good Singing voice. Jeff your awesome! We missed all those who weren't there. Next time definately!!!

Each member of this class of this wonderful High School - (Granger High) is talented in there own way. It's so neat that we are among and friends with such talented and wonderful people.

Enjoy the show!!!!

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