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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children.... A Precious Gift from GOD...

While watching local news they were reporting how a Panel of three justices ruled that a proposed law where it requires a person looking to terminate a pregnancy willingly to require them to get a sonogram/ultrasound before any termination of pregnancy took place.

What i do not understand is Why would anyone willingly or any form or circumstances want to terminate or end a unborn childs life and take away there chance & opportunity of life?

That seems so sad to me.. Children are a Precious gift from god and it's a privilege to be able to concieve a child, and be pregnant, carry a child & pregnancy and be able to give birth and to raise a child. Why would anyone do that? I Just do not understand. There are so so so many people who would give anything to have a child but, can't. So for people to just terminate a pregnancy and all cuz they do not want to raise a child or want the responsibility is sad to me and WRONG!!

If you do not want a child and are pregnant how about ADOPTION?

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