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Friday, January 13, 2012


Wanted to spread this around and let everyone know what exceptional customer service Direct TV has - NOT!!!!

I posted previously- in the last couple of months about Direct Tv and their poor service and regarding how they treated/treat their customers including my parents. What i am posting is a response to a email from Direct Tv to my dad saying they would love to reactivate and retain them as customer's. Here is my dad's response to them. Just so you know how bad there customer relations are:


You want to reactivate my account and service? Who strange I paid you in early November and you cut me off less than 10 day later. I called you and spoke to your representatives and manages and you would not turn the service on for another week and I would have made a substantial payment. I told you due to how offensive you were that I decided to go back to Comcast and send me boxes to return your equipment. You have refused and continue to bill me for equipment that I don't want at this time and want to return to you. So now you can wait on payment as I catch up on other bills including Comcast. Thank you for caring. Oh by the way I am going to have my daughter twitter and Facebook this virally around the internet. Let everyone know how great your customer service and public relations are.

MR> Richhart "

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