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Sunday, July 18, 2010


This last weekend was the Annual Summer camping and Boating trip up in Huntsville, Utah at Pineview Resivor. Oh what a fun time we had. There were two groups that went and left from the church. (And i apologize i had my camera packed and didn't get any random and candid ones of us all at the church before we headed out). One group left at Noon and then the other at i believe it was 4 PM and then there were those who came up on their own after work or whatever and we still had people come up yesterday. It was so much fun. And everyone was safe overall.
Unfortunately we had one of the girls who is also one of my friends get hurt while on one of the boats. I won't go into alot of detail but, ultimately she was taken into Ogden to the hospital to get "checked out". From what i hear is that she will be okay. We all hope and pray you will be okay Rachel! we love you.

Here is the slideshow of pictures i took.. Hope you enjoy it!!!

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