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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday was the very first day and Grand Opening at the New In N Out Burger in West Valley City. In N Out is based in Southern California and now has many many locations in California, Arizona, and Utah. It seems like they are "popping up" everywhere in Utah now. Yesterday they also opened a new store (I believe) in Riverton, Utah (Just off of Bangerter HWY and 12600 South. While i wasn't there at 10 AM yesterday right when they opened. I can only imagine the site. It is such a exciting time for the residents of Utah and West Valley City and Riverton and the surrounding cities and area's.

I am such a nerd!!! i went there twice yesterday and got me some pictures. The first time i went yesterday i just got me a XL Soda which was perfect for a hot summer day. And then when my mom got off work we went there again and got us some Double Doubles for dinner. I love the In n Out Double Double's. My brother and his cute wife and children also went last night. What a fun time.

Enjoy the show....

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