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Thursday, February 28, 2013


On December 23rd, 1924 Wayne Lowell Jensen was born to Lowell Jensen & Mamie Oakes Jensen. Grandpa was a only child. Grandpa is no longer with us. He went home to our Heavenly Father on April 16, 2004. I miss him!! I have many memories of Grandpa. He was always there for me, Jared, and our cousins and his children and spouses. I remember times spending overnight or just even the day and part of the night(S) at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Whether it was sleepovers, going to High School basketball, football games, Trapper and Buzz Games. Utes Football games, and basketball. I remember Grandpa came to my concerts when i was in Junior High while in Band., Choir Concerts and performances with Grandma and Alyssa and other family members while in Elementary school. I am greatful for his example and his love for life and all he taught me, my cousins, and mom, and uncles. And the love he had for my aunts and dad as their children in law. He was and is ao appreciative. I am greatful for his Service to our country while serving in the NAVY. And just for the person he was. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!! I/WE Love and miss you! You are missed.

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