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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children.... A Precious Gift from GOD...

While watching local news they were reporting how a Panel of three justices ruled that a proposed law where it requires a person looking to terminate a pregnancy willingly to require them to get a sonogram/ultrasound before any termination of pregnancy took place.

What i do not understand is Why would anyone willingly or any form or circumstances want to terminate or end a unborn childs life and take away there chance & opportunity of life?

That seems so sad to me.. Children are a Precious gift from god and it's a privilege to be able to concieve a child, and be pregnant, carry a child & pregnancy and be able to give birth and to raise a child. Why would anyone do that? I Just do not understand. There are so so so many people who would give anything to have a child but, can't. So for people to just terminate a pregnancy and all cuz they do not want to raise a child or want the responsibility is sad to me and WRONG!!

If you do not want a child and are pregnant how about ADOPTION?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chicken Parmessan & Spaghetti

Last night i made dinner for everyone here at home. However i think maybe i should have waited till at least tonight or maybe tomorrow night for Sunday dinner because The only ones who were at home last night was myself and Bryan's brother Greg. Bryan's mom had to work and Bryan was working and after work he went to visit some friends. oops!! but, that's okay in any case I believe the Chicken Parmessan & Spaghetti i made i believe turned out real well.
I also had s ready made salad mix so there are leftovers.

I found the recipie i used when i got some coupons in the mail and sometimes there are some recipies enclosed.

I had never made Chicken Parmessan before. I was so proud of myself.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Power of Hope

I got this emailed to me via the life script website.

The Power of Hope

As a writer, teacher, therapist, life strategist and an overall observer of the world around me, I’ve found one universal truth: One of the clearest indicators of future success and one of the strongest influences on the human spirit is the presence or absence of hope. Hope is motivation's fuel. Without it, there’s no motivation. For those wanting to restructure their lives and reshape their bodies, hope is an extremely powerful and positive force.

The factors that contribute to success and compel people to continue in the face of opposition has always intrigued me. As a matter of fact, this kind of thinking is precisely what drew me to psychology in the first place. I actually remember what could be my first real psychology moment, if you will.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was very young and had just finished watching the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” which, to this day, remains one of my favorite stories of all time.

After the movie ended, I was brushing my teeth, when a scene from the movie flashed into my mind and literally froze me in my tracks. It was the scene where Toto pulls the curtain aside and reveals the little old man. As you may recall, he’s standing behind a partition pulling levers, pushing buttons and screaming into the microphone, “I am the great and powerful Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

At that moment, I wondered if the body that I saw reflecting back at me was really me or if the real me was behind those eyes somewhere, like the little old man in Oz, pulling levers and pushing buttons that brought life and movement to my body. Quite a heady thought for a young boy, but this was an astounding revelation to me and it was truly a defining moment in my life. For it was at that moment that I realized that who I am is not what I see. This event influenced my career path and continues, to this day, to shape my perception of the world around me.

However, as time passed and I began to seriously study human behavior, I began to see how these two aspects of the self are intimately connected. The physical body that you see reflected back at you in the mirror is defined, motivated and shaped by the thinking part of you inside. So, if you follow my analogy, your body and your life are a literal reflection of what levers you pull and what buttons you push.

It’s the thinking part of you (the manager of your behavior) that makes all the decisions. And it’s those decisions that ultimately create the shape of your body and define the quality of your life. Simply put, your lot in life is the direct result of the choices that you make and the actions that you take. Just as that little old man behind the curtain had the ability to take control of Oz, you also have the ability to take control. It’s all about what buttons you push and what levers you pull. But it all begins with hope.

All of this talk about hope was actually triggered by something my late wife shared with me years ago. She told me that she had found what she believed to be the most inspirational message that she had ever read, written by Ellen Stovall of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship:

With communication, comes understanding and clarity;

With understanding, fear diminishes;

In the absence of fear, hope emerges;

And in the presence of hope, anything is possible.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Wanted to spread this around and let everyone know what exceptional customer service Direct TV has - NOT!!!!

I posted previously- in the last couple of months about Direct Tv and their poor service and regarding how they treated/treat their customers including my parents. What i am posting is a response to a email from Direct Tv to my dad saying they would love to reactivate and retain them as customer's. Here is my dad's response to them. Just so you know how bad there customer relations are:


You want to reactivate my account and service? Who strange I paid you in early November and you cut me off less than 10 day later. I called you and spoke to your representatives and manages and you would not turn the service on for another week and I would have made a substantial payment. I told you due to how offensive you were that I decided to go back to Comcast and send me boxes to return your equipment. You have refused and continue to bill me for equipment that I don't want at this time and want to return to you. So now you can wait on payment as I catch up on other bills including Comcast. Thank you for caring. Oh by the way I am going to have my daughter twitter and Facebook this virally around the internet. Let everyone know how great your customer service and public relations are.

MR> Richhart "

Friday, January 6, 2012

Endless Memories Photography Giveaway

Check out this awesome giveaway ran by my Friend Olya Clark of Endless Memories Photography in Eagle Mountain, Utah. She is awesome. If you, your family or anyone you know needs pictures done or your getting married or anything. She's the Gal to call.

“I entered to win a FREE photography session,
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you can check out the shared link and how to enter on my facebook page.