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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Here i am finally getting a chance to write my Christmas post. I did not mean to make that first sentence or few words sound all complaining and all because i'm not.

What can i say about Christmas ???

It was The Best Christmas of my life (At least my adult life). There is a reason for that. That reason being because it was mine & bryan's very first christmas together.
As many of you may know Bryan & I started talking online via a free communication weekend on eharmony.com back in May. Then we started talking on email, phone every day several times a day. He came up to meet me in person & visit the first weekend of August and stayed for a week. He came & arrived on the 6th and he proposed on the 9th of August.
We knew/know this is right & our relationship is called of God. We just "clicked" & "Hit it off". We have been spending the past 4 months plus getting to know eachother and getting used to eachother. I find myself falling in love with him more every day. And i know how much he loves me & knows it's true and that he is sincere.

I still get "goose bumps" & "Chills" when he put's his arms on my shoulder or around me and holds me, kisses me, and tells & expresses his love for me.

Anyhow back to Christmas....

This is our very first Christmas together & It was such a memorable & Special day.

We spent the morning here at home with our family. His mom, brother, and Bryan & I. Opened gifts & then got ready to go spend the rest of the day & evening with other family. We were invited over to his Aunt & Uncle's home where we got together with more friends & family. Had such yummy food (Ham & Finger foods)., So much food & fun. After awhile Bryan's mom & i went to pick up Shane (Bryan's nephew). Shane is Bryan's brother Greg's son. He will be with us for the week till the 2nd.
We came back to Bryan's uncle's house opened more gifts, visited, and just spent time with friends & family. His family is so very nice. They were/ and are so generous to Bryan and i. And myself. They made me feel so welcome and are so hospitable. Very thoughtful & sweet of them to include me in the family gift exchange(S).

When we came home we watched Shane open his Christmas Gifts from all of us here at the house.

I do not have pictures yet i have to get them developed. I will try to add some after i get them back.

I Love Bryan so much and his family. Extended family included. They already in so many ways and the ways that count are already in my family. Don't know what i would do without them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas is Sunday... I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!!

With Christmas right around the corner. Thought i would share this fun post with
you all. ENJOY!!


10. Save it until next summer and use it as a boat anchor.
9. Take it to the office and use it for a paper weight.
8. Keep it at home and use it for a doorstop.
7. Use it as a Step stool in your kitchen.
6. Let the little kids use it as a booster seat.
5. Save it for summer and use it for a flower press.
4. Carry it in your trunk to use in emergencies for a tire block.
3. Put it in your workshop and use it for a Anvil.
2. Save it until next year and use it as a Yule log.
1. Save it until next year and give it back to the person who gave
it to you.

Friends don't let friends give Fruitcake

(seen on a bumper sticker)


Sunday, December 11, 2011


With Christmas in 2 weeks from today. Bryan & I thought it was about time
that we went Christmas shopping. At least get a start.

You know if i would have had a camera with me then i could have taken a picture
of the crowds and "madness" (well semi madness) at Walmart last night.
When we got there and while looking for a parking spot. We noticed a Flat Bed Tow truck down one of the aisles working to hook a car up to the truck and on the Flat Bed. At first i thought it was just a simple tow because someone's car wouldn't start or something. Walking by going into the store i looked over and saw that a car was wrecked and earlier there was some kind of accident.

Anyhow inside there were people it seemed just about everywhere. But, in the end it wasn't that bad.

We were there shopping and what we had decided to do is focus on Other's.

We focused on MY FAMILY!- Bryan is such a sweetheart and he loves my nieces Kayla & Ashlee and Awesome/Handsome nephew Dakota. And we got something for there two awesome parents. Jared & Lindsay. And we also got a gift(S) for my MOM & DAD.

and a few other things. Bryan needed to get some items for the car.

We made a couple of other stops on the way home. And stopped at WENDY'S to pick up dinner for the family.

We went to get GAS also - So it was convienent that there was a WENDY'S combined at the same location of the GAS STATION.

While we were driving and actually as we were driving to WENDY'S (yes i remembered the location where we were at when the following statement was made by Bryan).

"I'm Excited for Jared & Lindsay to recieve the gifts we are going to send. I think they will be happy to get it. I'm so glad that we are able to get and provide these gifts for them (the kids included)." "And to be able to help other people & children out since that's what Christmas is about." "I can get what i need and want anytime."

I of course agreed with him. I didn't say much since i was listening. But, while he was inside paying for the GAS and then walking over to the other side to WENDY'S to order the food. I was waiting for him outside and while waiting for him & standing at the gas pump. I got thinking and i had the thought in my mind that says "You know what ? i really am the lucky one & i am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. " "He is RIGHT!!! giving to other's and helping others have a wonderful christmas is what it's all about."

You know before i always thought "I HAD A CLUE!" of what really christmas and the true meaning of christmas was. And in reality I DID! but, last night's experience and comments just testified to me again & reaffirmed to me what the true meaning of Christmas is.

I Love BRYAN SO VERY MUCH!!! and i look forward to and hope and pray we over the years continue to grow stronger and stronger in our relationship and love for eachother.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Last night (well yesterday afternoon around 3:45 PM) We took a trip to the ER.
Bryan had been really sick in recent weeks and every time he always had been able to get better or seem to get better. Better enough to go to work and function normally to a certain extent.

He was supposed to go to Work Sunday. Because of the busy holiday season coming up and the nature of his work with him working in a warehouse in shipping & recieving. He didn't make it to work Sunday because he was sick. But, did go to work Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday morning he woke up and he was coughing & hacking (in fact that is what woke me up & usually wakes me up). That occurs because he has had sinus problems & infections for years. Anyhow he was coughing & hacking, he was real dizzy, his head was spinning really bad. To Add to it he had a new symptom which was He couldn't walk straight & he would be real off balance.

He was just out of it. So we are thinking he will just rest today and be back to work today. As the day progressed he wasn't getting any better. In fact one of the times i went to check on him to see how he was doing. He mentioned and i also suggested he go to the doctor. He without my knowledge sometime called his primary doctor.

She couldn't get him in till later today.
He realized yesterday afternoon that something just wasn't right.

He asked his dear sweet Mother to take us up to the Hospital & ER. She knew he was sick but, didn't realize it was that bad. And either did i till i heard and saw his condition and that he couldn't keep his balance and couldn't walk straight.

His Equilbrilliam was way off.

We went to the ER & as he was checking in. He was filling out the registration form & he couldn't fill that out completely on his own. Because then he couldn't write correctly.

So we went through triage, then they called him back to be seen & treated. He had to have a CT Scan and it took about a hour to get the results back.

I am so very greatful to have been there with him & to serve him & administer to him in some way. Although at the same time i felt very helpless. As i wish i could have did more for him.

I sat there and waited for him to come back from the CT SCAN. And while waiting for the results he was just relaxing, i was there with him., I had some catalogs and my note pad with me just to pass the time like my Avon catalogs, Scentsy and all that. But, when i was done with that i was there just to be with him. And then i got thinking and i guess i think to much because as i was sitting there thinking. I got teary eyed & started crying and was sad.

Because the man i love was in the hospital. And not just the hospital but, The ER. And we didn't know for sure yet what was wrong. Bryan thought he had did something or said something wrong. He asked me what was wrong and usually when i am all teary eyed alot of times i can't talk. So i just nodded my head and in between tears i said it's nothing- don't worry about it.

He asked if i was worried about anything? i started to say that i was worried about him. But, then i couldn't because i was crying. I was just holding on to his hand & him.

I love him so much and i was worried about him and i have to admit scared. Because i love him so much and never want to live without him or be without him.

Even when he is sick and in the hospital he still is able to calm me down and he also told me that he loves me.

The diagnosis came back and he has Labrynthitis which is also known as Vertigo. What that is - is a inner ear infection and it all connects to your sinuses. And is real nasty. It takes 3-5 days to clear up. He will be home till at least Monday. He can't work or drive.

His Sweet MOM and his Brother Greg arrived back at the hospital. And after i heard the diagnosis and we were waiting to be discharged. I called Lindsay my sister in law to give her a update. And i was just outside the exam room and looked up and saw his mom and brother. His mom went into see him & talk to him.

So then we left & went to CVS to fill his prescriptions. I went to Kroger with his mom and brother to get a couple of things. Then we came back to CVS so i can be and check on Bryan. His mom dropped me off and she and greg went to do a couple more errands.

I found bryan and we were waiting in line to get his prescriptions. And he was still nauseous, and off balance and he started to fall back a couple - few times. I caught him and pulled him back up. And asked him to just hold on to me.

After that we came home. Had a little something to eat. And shortly after went to sleep. He is still asleep.

Bryan and i are so greatful for all the prayers being offered on our behalf. And the phone calls, texts to check on bryan and prayers offered in Bryan's behalf. Your prayers are appreciated.